There was a teenage girl named Sanyukta who lived with her parents in a well- furnished house in the town. She was excellent in her studies and behaved as a good student in her school. She was a compassionate girl and her neighbours loved her a lot. She was the strength, the reason of her parent’s happiness. But she was not happy. She always locked herself in her room most of the time and didn’t said even a word to anyone. Her mother became suspicious and one day she peeked into her room and found Sanyukta weeping silently while curled up in a fetal position. She was shocked looking at her lively daughter being in so much pain.

Cradling her head in her lap, she asked her politely. Sanyukta was hesitant at first but nevertheless complied. “Ma, the new boys and girl in the school bullies me because I cannot speak English like them. They always tease me, make fun out of me. Ma they are very bad, I don’t want to go to that school”, she hid her face in her mother’s lap and started crying uncontrollably.

Her mother smiled softly and raised her face, “Sanyu, you are my big girl. Will you do one thing for me?” Sanyukta stared at her with confusion while her mother continued, “Close your eyes and think about what you can do. Think about how you are special, self analyze your strength and your weakness and plan accordingly. You will get your help”.

She trusted her mother and so when she left the room, Sanyukta lied down, closed her eyes and started to think what were her strengths and weaknesses. The next morning she suddenly felt rejuvenated and there was a hope and a look of determination on her face. After that day, she repeated the self evaluation and planning regularly. This went on for five months after which she wasn’t the girl to cry over the spilt milk. Instead her self evaluation made her the strong and confident girl she is today who is receiving the first prize from her councilor for giving an awe- inspiring speech in English.


by Pallabi Paul

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