Samriddhi was a nine year old stubborn girl who had always been pampered by her parents. Her parents always considered themselves to be lucky for having such a lovely girl who had illuminated their lives like a candle light. It was like Samriddhi had wrapped them around her little finger. Her father never allowed a single tear to cascade down her cheeks, let alone making her cry hysterically. Everytime he returned from his business tours, he brought the costliest toys and even electronic gadgets for her. Her smile was contagious and it was something her parents could die for.

One day, her cousin came to stay with them. Priyansh was a sweet and silent six year old boy who always loved to spend time with his elder sister, Samriddhi. However the moment she heard of this, she was furious. She never liked the little boy. For her, he was like a threat as whenever he was around her parents, they would just forget about her presence and showered their attention on him.

With a very sour mood, she climbed down the stairs for her dinner when the scene infront of her made her shout in anger. Her mother was feeding Priyansh and there was a motherly love on her face. In reality, she wasn’t partial to the kids. She loved Priyansh equally just like Samriddhi. Her scream startled everyone in the room and her father immediately ran towards her to check if she was injured or not. But her gaze was fixed at the frightened little boy in her mother’s lap and that was it. Pushing away her father, she marched to where they were sitting and started to beat Priyansh. Her parents were shocked to see this obsessed state of their daughter as the words flew out of her mouth. “You are the reason they don’t love me anymore. Why you came here? Just go away. They are my parents. They only love me. They are only mine and no one else. Go away”, she continued to scream the words as her father dragged her away from him. “Papa leave me”, she screamed out her lungs when her mother came and slapped her hard. “Samriddhi you should respect others even if he is your brother”, she scolded her angrily. Samriddhi again got furious and shouted, “No I’m not going to respect anyone. They are all lower than me. They will not come close to you mamma. I should be the only one not them”.

This angered her father and he dragged her to her room. Tugging her in her bed, he joined her and looked at her scowled teary face. “Princess, don’t you love us?”, he asked her softly gaining her attention. When she nodded her head in affirmation, he continued, “If you do things like this, others will say we haven’t taught you discipline. Do you want others to blame us Princess?” Her face fell and she cuddled with her father. “I am sorry papa. But Priyansh was getting all the love”, her father chuckled and kissed her forehead. “No princess. We both will always love you, no matter what happens. We will never do partiality with you. We love you kiddo remember that. And now sleep”, she hummed in response.

After a few minutes, her breathing was smooth indicating she was asleep. He got down from her bed and stood near it. With a dejected face, her mother joined him, staring at the sleeping figure of their little angel. “Our love and affection made her obsessed. She went to the extent of hurting her brother. We need to make her understand love isn’t something to be obsessed for. She should respect everyone, even those younger than her. Obsession is only the cause of destruction”, her mother whispered slowly.



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