Parineeti, a young, bright and intelligent young woman was married. Her husband, Ajay was nothing but a brute. He never accepted her as his wife, let alone pay her respect and give the love she desired for. He always blamed her, made her feel like a low- life creature who don’t have any self- respect. Even after so many traumatic events, she stayed with him for two long years, trying hard to upheld the sanctity of their conjugal bond. But fate had some other plans.

One day while returning from a shop, she met with an accident. The accident was so severe that the moment she was admitted in the hospital, her life was barely hanging by a thread. The doctors did their best and finally saved her life. However they couldn’t save her from her demons. She fractured her left arm, her two ribs were broken, she lost her walking capability since her legs down her waist became paralyzed. She was devastated, completely broken and all she wanted while lying on that hospital bed was her husband’s love.

But when she came to know that Ajay had refused to recognize her and had filed for divorce, she lost her last strand of hope. She became a hollow person, with no emotions left behind. She completely succumbed to her miseries, not caring about her health, her happiness and even her smile because of the grieves and agonies. Her body was not responding properly to the medicines and the doctors were scared that they would lose her.

Suddenly one day, while she was sitting on her bed, an old woman came through her cabin’s door. She was also a patient from the same hospital. Parineeti was bewildered at first when she saw a nurse supporting the woman inside her room. “What happened aunty? You alright?”, she asked the woman in her soft yet blank voice. The lady smiled and sat on the chair near her bed. “Yes my dear, I’m alright. But it looks like you are not!”, she smiled at Parineeti’s widened face and caressed her cheeks just like a mother would do.

“I know dear what you have endured in these past two months and no sympathy or words can make up to your sufferings and to your miseries. But today I want to tell you something. This is the cycle of life, where you will be subjected to both; grave miseries and delightful happiness. But its upto you what to choose and invest your life, your emotions and your fate in. For me, miseries are nothing but a confirmation that good times are knocking at your door. So why to waste your life like this dear? And for whom? Those people who never cared for you? Why are you succumbing to the negative forces around you?”

Parineeti was crying silently all through the time and when she ended, Parineeti was a crying mess. “I’m sorry aunty, I’m sorry. I promise you I will never ever give up on my life. I will fight back, I will come out of these miseries. I promise you”. Those were the last sentences she spoke before falling into exhaustion. But the next day when she woke up, she was happy. She again had a hope of living and she did.

Six years later, she established an NGO for all those women and girls who were a victim in the hands of fate, miseries and other people. She fought her demons and didn’t deposited herself to her pain. The day she got her release from the hospital, she breathed in the fresh air and imbibed the sunlight within herself. From that day, she worked hard. Her story of struggle, her confidence and her intelligence worked in her favor and soon she got accepted in one of the NGOs owned by an American couple. She was quite dedicated towards her work, her compassionate nature and her confidence boosting aura helped many dejected lives that they had rescued.

While working in the organization, she got in touch with many other social workers, contacted different sponsors and after a year started her own NGO. The couple under whom she was working went back to America transferring their organization under her name. Since then, she rescued as many girls as possible. Her hard work and hope for betterment gave substantial recognition to her NGO and she received a helping hand from the UNICEF. That day was the day where she actually let go of her past and smiled brightly.


-by Pallabi Paul

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