Once upon a time there were two cats who ruled the cat kingdom. They were siblings, Ahin, a blackish grey cat and Julie, a peach white fur cat. Both of them lived in a forest with many other creatures. Ahin was a very ruthless cat, he snatched food from the little kittens, always got into fight with other cats and used to injure them badly. Everyone was afraid of him. His sister, Julie was exactly the opposite. She was a kind, compassionate and big- hearted cat. She was fed up with her brother’s irrational and cruel behaviour and wanted nothing but to teach him a lesson. However she knew that no one stood a chance in front of him. So one day she called a cat’s meeting.

Everyone was curious but she knew, no matter how angry Ahin would become, he would never hurt her and so she bid on it. All the cats sat on the rocky open area allotted to the cats’ territory including Ahin too who looked at his sister with a scrutinizing gaze. Taking a deep breath she stood up on the podium and held her neck high, puffing out her chest. “My brothers and sisters, thank you for coming here. The winter is nearing, almost knocking at our doors. All the preparations should be completed before the first snow fall. However this time around, I have made a certain different rule,” her strong and determined voice rise hackled amidst the crowd.

Whispers could be heard from even the smallest corner of the open field. After a few moments everyone settled down and waited for her next statements. She threw a side glance at his brother and almost apologised through her eyes. Turning back to the crowd she again started to address them. “I have decided that this year everyone will gather food beforehand so we don’t have to starve in winter. Last year we have lost two of our cat friends due to the cold winds. I don’t want such casualty this year. So each member will be responsible for collecting food. And with this being said, you can disperse”. Ahin looked at her in disbelief and snarled when she came closer. “Sorry brother but it needed to be done. You should also start to gather your own food. And this time if you try to steal somebody else’s food, I’m going to report about you to the king”, he let out a warning snarl but Julie stood rooted to the ground.

The winter preparations commenced from the next day. Females were busy in arranging logs, water and other necessary items to survive the harsh winter. All the males were busy in gathering food except Ahin. He sat isle in his tree house and stared at the cats underneath him. Letting out an evil laugh, his eyes darkened as he raced back and forth in his room. “I will not steal from anyone my dear sister. I’ll steal from you after all that is what family is for”, the sinister glint in his voice couldn’t be mistaken for anything else. At night he slowly tip toed to Julie’s store house. He was surprised to see no one outside the store house. Smiling to himself, he sneaked in and ate as many as he could, drank half the milk. When he felt contended, he gathered some food in his duffle bag and went back to his tree house.

From that day onwards, he repeated the same thing every night. Soon winter came and it was the third week of the season when Ahin had nothing left with him to eat. He couldn’t go out in such a cold weather unless he wanted to die. But he couldn’t also go on without food. After all he couldn’t just starve to death. He started to whine in hunger at that night, his nails scratched the wooden floor as he laid on the ground motionless. Suddenly the door of his house opened and there stood his sister panting hard. “Julie…”, he muttered in a croaked voice. Julie came and sat beside him, resting her paws on his face. “I’ve brought you food brother. You need to eat. I can’t loose you”, she opened the bag with her canines and drew the food outside. He looked in shock at her.
“But I don’t deserve this. I…”, he stopped for a moment and somehow managed to sit with Julie’s help, “I stole food from your store house. I cheated on you. I did a mistake Julie and this is my punishment”. Julie simply smiled and pushed the milk towards him.

“No brother, you didn’t committed a mistake. I knew from the beginning you would do such a thing and that’s why I didn’t allot anyone to patrol over there deliberately. I saw you everyday sneaking in and coming out with a filled duffle bag. Ahin its true you have cheated, took the short cut but you never did a mistake. It was up to you to cheat and you did. But today if I remained back in my house and let you suffer, then that would be a mistake. Not what you did”, her words acted as a knife and sliced through his ego, crumbling it to pieces. He quickly embraced his sister and both of them wept together. Julie for having her brother back and Ahin made a promise never to cheat again.



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