Who is a true kshatriya?

1. Is it Raja Ratan Singh who got so many chances to kill Alauddin Khilji but didn’t as the latter was weaponless?


2. Is it Shree Krishna who advises Arjun to kill Karna while the latter was lifting his chariot out of a pothole and was weaponless?


Who is a true kshatriya? A question that baffles many! Raja Ratan Singh of the Padmavat fame or lord Shree Krishna, the charioteer of Arjun?

A question that needs deep introspection and internal churning of thoughts at the level of our soul. While trying to find the answer to this question my mind and logic wanders away from the encyclopedia of Google to the deepest echelons of my logical mind.

In my opinion Shree Krishna was right in advising Arjun to kill Karna while later was lifting his chariot out of a pothole and was without a weapon. Because that was the single most important opportunity to overcome the mighty Karna once and for all and Shree Krishna being a wise man and guru to Arjun knew the importance of cashing in on a golden opportunity. At times we become a victim of our own grooming and this is what happened when Raja Ratan Singh decided to leave Alauddin khilji alive just because he was unarmed. He completely ignored the underlying intentions of Alauddin Khilji. They say intentions are more deadly than any weapon. If you are carrying a pen with the intention of using it as a weapon, then in the eyes of law that pen is a weapon.

Since Raja Ratan Singh and Alauddin Khilji lived in an era which came after the battle of Mahabharat, Raja Ratan Singh should have read and imbibed the essence of Bhagavad Gita and the teachings of Shree Krishna . If he would have done so, the history would have been completely different. Alaudin Khilji had malicious and dirty intention towards the kingdom of Raja Ratan Singh. His goal was not only limited to Chittorgarh but also to quash Raja Ratan Singh’s dignity that mighty Rajputs lived for. Alauddin wanted to snatch his land, honor, women, and dignity. He made his intentions and twisted ambitious drive pretty evident by attacking Chittorgarh repeatedly. Raja Ratan Singh being a true Rajput king breathed his traditions. His royal warrior grooming taught him not to harm an unarmed opponent however the way I see it is that his opponent was never unarmed rather he was lethally armed with his depraved and aberrant behaviour to win at any cost.

For any religion to thrive it must first survive and that’s exactly what Shree Krishna knew and Raja Ratan Singh didn’t. Only if Raja Ratan Singh could have considered the extent of lethality of the spiteful intent of Alauddin, he would never lent him so many opportunities and would have executed the barbaric invader without any prejudice or mercy.

Hence concluding this never ending debate, Shree Krishna was a true Kshatriya as he devised and executed strategies that would ensure that his kind will survive and thrive.

-by Avinash Srivastava

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