Devansh was the son of the most famous business tycoon, Samar Raichand. He was a spoilt brat, always spending money in clubs, parties and long drives. He was already 22 and even on his father’s insistent, he remained aloof to all his expectations.

Samar was getting old and he needed Devansh to step in as the CEO of the Raichand industries. It wasn’t like he was getting impaired or crippled that he so desperately needed his son to take over the responsibilities. There was something else. Something major and still kept hidden from Devansh.

“Doctor how much more time I have?”, asked a tired Samar Raichand to his family doctor while lying in his bed. Earlier in the evening, he suddenly fainted in his study and if it wasn’t for his wife Radhika, he would have been dead by the time. “Mr. Raichand I won’t give you false hopes. Radhika I am sorry but you guys need to inform Devansh now. He has a right to know”, the old doctor said in a sad yet serious tone. Radhika let out a few sobs when Samar caressed her hand and told her not to worry. Nobody could deny the inevitable. The doctor left the old couple and went out.

Later that night, both of them were asleep when Devansh tip- toed to his father’s study in search of some important documents. While rummaging through the papers on his table, something suddenly caught his attention. It was a vanilla- coloured envelope. What confused him was the way it was kept, hidden from every one’s eye in a secluded corner of the dark wooden table, under a stack of files. He got curious and so without thinking much he took out the envelope from the stack of papers and opened it. There were some papers inside. Switching on the table lamp, he sat on his father’s chair and started to read the letter.

By the time he was done reading all the papers, his entire world came crashing down in front of his own eyes. The lump in his throat was not going down, the tears stung in his eyes and his mind was totally blank. His father was suffering from a chronic heart disease from past two years and now he was in his last stage. His death was inevitable and he could die any time. He was angry at his father but then suddenly his eyes fell on the date and something clicked in his mind.

Two years ago only, on the same day his father told him to take over the company. He could never forget that day, after all it was his birthday. Tears flowed down his eyes when suddenly a warm hand wiped his cheeks.
He looked up and saw his mom and dad looking at him with sadness, pride, remorse and happiness, all at the same time. “Why dad? Why you hid this thing from me? You were telling me to join the company because you knew, you knew that….”, he couldn’t complete his sentence when his father took him in his embrace and hugged him. “Don’t cry Dev. It’s never too late son. See I’m still here and the company is waiting for a talented leader like you. I want to see my son receive the best businessman award of the year before I close my eyes. Won’t you give me the privilege Dev?”, Samar asked him in an almost broken voice when Devansh nodded and hugged his father tighter. That night, all three of them spent quality time with each other.

Two months later after facing many obstacles in his business life, Devansh finally became the CEO of the Raichand Empire and took over the company officially from his father. Samar was quite ecstatic on that day. He knew his son would touch the sky with his skills, talent and hard work. And he was proven true because only with Devansh’s dedication and immense hard work, he became the business man of the year and his company ranked first in the international market. Unfortunately, that day when he was receiving his award, his father wasn’t there to see him in person. “I wish dad you were here today. See I achieved what you always asked me to be. I love you dad and I miss you”, he sent a silent prayer while looking towards the sky when a star glowed brightly in the heavens.


-by Pallabi Paul

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