Suhana was about to give her 10+2 examination in March and she was quite confident about her preparations except one subject, Chemistry. She had always been a bright student, always getting good marks, praises and appreciation from her teachers.  She had always been confident and certain about her studies. Infact, she loved to read, to know something by delving deep into the matter. She always believed that there won’t be any difference between her and the others if she did what others were doing and hence everytime she opted for uniqueness. And that is one of the main reason her chemistry teacher in her school didn’t tell her parents when she scored 28 marks out of 100 in her pre-board examination.

When the results were out, Mrs. Ranchi, her chemistry teacher called her to her office. Suhana was quite scared and embarrassed too since it was the first time in her life she had done something horrendous like this in her result. Inspite of knowing the outrageous level of competition she was into from her own school, she did nothing to mug up the subject after her half yearly examination. Luckily in that one, no such drastic result came out.

When she entered Mrs. Ranchi’s office, she was asked to take the seat in front of the teacher’s desk. Sitting down quietly, she started to fidget with the hem of her skirt in nervousness. “Suhana, have you seen your result dear?”, she asked in a soft, motherly voice that instantly calmed down Suhana’s racing heart. She knew she could open up to her chemistry teacher and that’s what she did. “Yes mam, I have seen my result as well as the chemistry copy. Mam I’m sorry for not living upto your expectation!”, she whispered the last part of her sentence.

“Past is past, you cannot change it. But tell me one thing, didn’t you read the subject properly?” Suhana’s face fell and she looked down, focusing at her fingers that were on her lap. “Mam actually I cannot understand the subject. It is confusing, so messed up. I try to remember one thing but the next day I forget it. I just couldn’t find interest in reading the subject, let alone study properly for the exams”, her voice was exasperated as she tried to prove her point.

Mrs. Ranchi smiled and took a paper out of her file and handed it to her. Taking the paper, she scanned it and the expression that marred her face was worth watching. “What is this?”, she asked in a shocked voice. “Well this is the file of those children who failed last year. Now tell me dear do you want your name in this list?”, Ranchi asked her in a soft yet stern voice to which Suhana nodded her head in a no. “Then go and study. Love the subject, if not for anyone then for yourself. No subject is good and no subject is bad. It’s upto you. Whenever we can’t remember a subject, we blame it. But we don’t analyse that maybe we are just not trying hard to understand the words. Always remember, your lack of tries will lead you to your demise and only you will be responsible for it. Not anyone else. Suhana if you can score excellently in other subjects that you are reading without any teacher, then why can’t you do this?”, Ranchi sat down in her chair and observed her carefully.

Her face portrayed myriad of emotions, from shock to disbelief to realisation and finally to determination. “Yes mam, you are right. If today I fail in my 12th then only I will be responsible, not anyone. And I don’t want to lose this chance. Thank you mam for inspiring me and making me realize my own worth. I promise you I won’t disappoint you in my Boards”, she said with a glint in her eyes. Her smile was full of confidence and determination. “I know you won’t. Now go and prepare”, she dismissed Suhana from her office.

Suhana got a holiday of one and a half month from her school as a study leave. In that one and a half month, she tried her own tricks to understand what the subject was about. She made notes, practised everything day and night and finally when the day of her Chemistry exam came, she was confident and knew it was the time to prove her worth. The paper went well but she didn’t told anyone except her chemistry teacher. The day her result was announced, she was too shocked to react and tears of happiness flowed down her cheeks as she stared on her laptop screen at the mark sheet.
From 28, she reached a point of getting 88 out of 100 in just a span of one and a half month. All because of her hard work and her teacher.


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