Shayn lived in the metropolitan city of Bangalore, India. His parents worked in a Multi- National Company while he had a little sister, Anaya. Both the siblings loved each other deeply and could do anything for each other. Their parents were very happy to have their two kids who always remained stuck with each other like a second skin. Shayn loved his sister and always wanted to protect her from the evils of the society. Being her ideal big brother, he always stood in front of her and faced every problem on his own.
Anaya always thought that his brother was the best one could have and she wanted nothing more than that. However Shayn didn’t thought like that. He considered himself to be a failure, someone who couldn’t even revert back to the people who bullied him, made fun of him. There were days where he was beaten in the school and was threatened too by his seniors. He was too scared to even report to the school administrative committee, let alone tell his parents. He knew the boys who always bullied him would just get out clean from his complaint. And so he remained shut.

One day while he was walking through the back corridors of his school, he was suddenly pushed in front and because he was too startled to react, he couldn’t resist the push and fell on his face. Groaning in pain, he sat up and looked up only to cower back in fear. His seniors, five of them stood in front of him with a devious glint in their eyes while their lips twitched in an evil smirk. “What happened nerdy? Fell down? Need some help buddy?”, one of them said while kneeling down and forwarding his hand. A sweat trickled down his forehead, he knew, one mistake from his part, and he would be beaten again.

That made him silent and he didn’t uttered a word when suddenly out of the blue, a punch landed on his cheek. “That was for not responding! And these are for ignoring us back in the school”, with that the five of them started throwing punches in his direction with occasional kick in his gut. He was panting hard for breathes, trying hard not to give up. After what felt like eternity, they stopped and walked away, leaving him writhing on the ground in pain. He slowly pushed himself up from the ground, albeit with difficulty and limped towards his car. Getting in, he started the engine and the car moved in the road. It was slate in night when he reached home. Shutting off the engine, he noticed that his parents had yet not returned. Sighing deep, he closed the doors and walked inside the house. The lights of the hall were lit and he knew Anaya was waiting for him. Dropping the bag on the floor, he walked and slumped on the couch. “Hey kiddo, what’s up?”. He said in an exhausted voice when Anaya looked at him and gasped loudly.

“Don’t start now and don’t tell mommy and daddy about this. Please Anu”, he pleased with a nonchalant voice when suddenly he felt a soft hand caressing his bruised cheek. “Shay, why don’t you do something?”, Anaya asked him a sad tone, her little eye watering at the site of her brother. “I can’t Anu and you know that. I am not strong like them and even if I want to fight back, they will beat me more”, he said in a sad tone while playing with her soft curls. “You are not weak Shay. You are my big and strong bro. You will fight them and I know you will win”, she said in her innocent determined voice when Shayn let out a chuckle and asked, “How?”. Anaya put her hand over his heart and pecked his forehead. “Because you have a good heart. In my class, teacher once told us that those who sit idle and don’t do anything, life doesn’t do anything for them. But those who sprint into action and take the reins of life in their own hands become the ultimate masters of their life. So don’t sit back Shay. Remember you have promised me to take care of me. If you don’t do something then how will you protect me?”, Shayn was shocked at the little one sitting in his lap and speaking so matured words.

They talked for a while until their parents came back and as promised neither of them said a single word. But Shayn promised Anaya before going to bed that he will definitely do something. The next day, the first thing he did was to capture images and videos of the five boys bullying others and walked up to the principal. When the principal saw the proofs, he called them and in presence of the trustees, suspended them from the school. Next day their parents came running to the school and apologized to Shayn only after which their kids were allowed to enter the school premises.

The year went too quickly and at the convocation day, Shayn was awarded with the bravery award for showing immense courage against violence and wrong deeds.


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