Once upon a time, there were two chocolate selling companies named Serak and Dailik. Both the companies were popular manufacturers of mouth watering chocolates and candies and as expected were rivals. Paramesh, the owner of Serak Chocolate Ltd. was a very influential man and always looked out to harm other’s production and business. He was even successful in overthrowing the traditional chocolate manufacturers and established himself as one of the renowned chocolate brand factory. He was a business man in every aspect. On the other hand, Dailik was owned by a soft and compassionate man, Ranvir. He always looked out for spreading satisfaction and happiness amidst his customers and always reveled in peace when he saw them smiling. Though his company was never on the cover page of any food journal, he was contended in whatever he had.

One day, both the companies got nominated for Best Dessert Brand Award. At the award function, both Paramesh and Ranvir arrived at the same time co-incidentally. Paramesh glared at Ranvir and walked straight inside the venue while the other one let out a small chuckle and straightened his coat while walking inside. The Award function was beautifully organised with press, top owners of various food companies from all over the world along with other top intellectual people. After all it was the first time in history that a award show was being organised for Food based companies.

Ranvir was about to take his destined seat around a circular table when a hand was clamped on his shoulder. He instantly turned back and came face to face with a smirking Paramesh. “Mr. Paramesh Singhania! What a pleasure to meet such a business face like you”, Ranvir greeted him with a soft voice and forwarded his hand. Paramesh shook it nevertheless as he didn’t wanted to present himself as an unprofessional person. “Well I could have said the same for you but you see Mr. Ranvir Jain, I know the difference in our levels. You know I’m wondering how the hell these people have selected you and your brand for this prestigious award”, Ranvir felt a little insulted at his comment but didn’t react.

Both settled down on their original place and waited for the commencement of the program. Everything was smooth and going lucidly when the host suddenly announced for the BEST DESSERT BRAND NOMINEES. Ranvir knew he didn’t stand a chance in front of Paramesh and so he simply sat back and watched the nominations being played on the screen. He sighed when the Co-owner of the Milky Bar Pvt. Ltd came on the stage and opened the sealed envelope in his hand. A smile stretched across his face and by this time, Ranvir was sure who the winner was. Without saying anything to anyone, he stood up and was about to turn back when he suddenly heard his name being announced on the loudspeaker. His entire body went rigid in shock. However more than him, another soul was shocked too. Paramesh couldn’t believe with his own ears that Ranvir, whose company wasn’t even popular like him had won the award. He was furious and livid but kept to himself because he knew many eyes were on him. Putting up a fake smile, he stood up and congratulated Ranvir who seemed to be still in shock.

When he received the award from the highly prestigious Mukhesh Mehta of the Milky Bar Pvt. Ltd, he was completely at a loss of words. However, the host asked Mukesh to say a few words about the nominated brands and also the winner brand. Mukesh gave Ranvir a small smile and walked upto the podium.
“Good evening everyone. And I hope you will not forget Milky Bar”, everyone smiled at his comical statement and some even cheered for him. “Well I really don’t have anything to say much. But yes one thing I would definitely like to say today. Ranvir Jain, whose Dailik company as we all know isn’t so popular in the market has won today’s award. No matter how less customers it attracted, they were all satisfied and happy. We have been studying the track records of all the companies that were nominated today. And then we found that Dailik is the only brand which has maintained a consistency in its feedback from the same users. This is the golden rule of business. Many of us don’t spend our time in analysing what our customers or users are thinking or feeling about our products. We only think about the profit. This doesn’t help us to improve our brands since we cannot measure where our faults lies and hence can never cover up the loop holes. People’s sentiments are quantitatively immeasurable but not qualitatively. And Ranvir has employed that qualitative principle in his business. Thank you everyone and remember this, not everything stands a chance of betterment specially when you cannot assess it’s quality and quantity!”. The hall echoed with applause at Mukesh’s statement and Ranvir sent a thankful smile in his direction. This was a rule he always followed but never knew that one day this would earn him his first business recognition.

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