Aggarwal automobiles! One of the topmost and most successful company in the country. Kishore Aggarwal was the owner, one of the most renowned personality in the business world and a great father and husband to his family. He had a daughter, Sanyukta Aggarwal whom he loved more than his life. His company had branches in many states across India with its headquarter located in Delhi. He was a happy and contended man. He trusted his board of directors with all his might. After all they had an equal contribution in making this company achieve what it had today. And that’s why he left all the responsibilities with them and settled in London with his family, managing the branch there.

Years went by and everything was fine. Sanyukta completed her engineering course from a prestigious college in London in Automobile Engineering. Suddenly one day Kishore got a call from his board of directors. The moment he received the call, his entire world came crashing down right in front of his own eyes and he couldn’t even do a single thing to save what ever he had dreamt of. Sanyukta witnessed everything from a far corner of the hall and decided to take the matter in her hand. “Dad”, she called out to her father when he turned his attention to her, his features were of a defeated man with an apologetic look marring his face.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t do anything anymore. Aggarwal industries is bankrupted and there is not a single way by which I could clear off the debt. This is all my fault Sanyukta! Had I looked into this matter earlier, this would not have happened. Just due to my carelessness and my negligence, I lost everything Sanyukta. I lost everything”, Sanyukta smiled softly and caressed his hand while wiping away his tears.
“Dad, I know you were at fault. And I also know that if you would have taken the reins of the business in your hand earlier instead of just sitting here in London and relaxing in your family life, things might have been different. But that is not the case and I’m not going to sit back here and regret about what has been done and what could have been done. So get up Dad, it’s time for some action”, Kishore smiled at his daughter’s confidence and nodded.

Their flight was in three hours and Sanyukta in the mean time arranged all important files and other documents she could from the London office. The flight journey was mainly spent in discussing about the marketing of their company. In the meantime Sanyukta had already messaged the Delhi headquarters to prepare the finance reports. She had a determined look on her face and Kishore knew that his daughter wouldn’t repeat the mistakes which he did.

As soon as the car screeched against the travelled stone way outside the humongous office building, Sanyukta wasted no time and rushed inside the building. Going straight into the conference room, she asked for an urgent board meeting along with the board of trustees and the departmental heads. “Good afternoon everyone and thank you for coming here in such a short notice. From today, I will be representing my father in the business and you all will directly report to me. So for the time being, I’m the official CEO of Aggarwal Industries. Any question?”, she asked every one in a trained professional voice and they were stunned to see the young lady in front of them with such refined professional mannerisms.

“Very well then. Let’s come back to the reason why we all are here. I have read and analysed the reports that were sent to me and I came across something. Something which you all failed to notice in seventeen long years. Something which even my dad failed to take into consideration because he was too busy in spending quality time with us”, at this statement Kishore blanched back but he knew he was at the fault and the lady in front of him wasn’t anymore his daughter.

“Mr. Karan Joshi and Mr. Shekhar Patel, please can you come forward?” everyone was confused as to why suddenly their new CEO would summon the most efficient and trusted professionals. Two mid-aged men came forth with a sinister smile across their face and their stance speaking confidence and authority. Sanyukta pressed her lips in a tight lipped smile and drew something from her file.  “Mr. Karan you are the head of the finance department. So can you please elaborate how come you didn’t notice that the bank is sending the liability sums from the last three years? According to someone, those papers are lying on your desk and the envelopes seal are open. Can you please explain?”, all the heads turned in his direction as he visibly gulped, trying to find an excuse to escape the situation.

So let’s meet the two most trusted men who sold the details of our new designs to our rival company. These two men are responsible for you guys not getting your incentives and these are the main traitors who led us to this condition, rendering us bankrupt. But this time I’m not going to stand back and watch the bank putting a seal order on this company. I’m going to revive back our reputation. Those who are doubtful can leave and join some other company. And those who are wishing to stay here and help me to sail through bad times will be welcomed with open arms”, with this being said, she went out of the room and later the police arrested the two culprits, Karan and Shekhar.

The week flew by in a blur and at the end Sanyukta was sitting in the board room with five of the board members and looking intently on the charts and statistics studies that were kept sprawled out. “Let’s start from the beginning. Lower the production cost. Hire employees and labours who are in dire need of a job. Tell them that the initial payscale would be low but once the debts have been cleared they would get a 40% hike”, Sanyukta instructed them in a stern voice and the members were pleased with her way of dealing.
Within a year, Aggarwal automobiles cleared off the bank debts and their designs were unique with latest technologies being installed in the cars. Sanyukta’s knowledge of machines and car parts and her hard work brought back the fortune. Aggarwal automobiles soon got recognised in the International Business summit and she won the best business entrepreneur award. That night she learned one thing, no man can achieve his dreams without working hard on his own. Other’s action will never bring you fortune and satisfaction. The bliss that you will receive at the end of the day from your work is priceless!


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