Moral Stories that Enlighten book cover.jpg

Not just an engaging collection of stories but a fine teaching tool that offers inspiration to the coming ages.


This book is a collection of 31 moral stories that talks about topics like body-shaming, dishonesty etc. All the stories are interwoven with a teaching and different colourful images makes this book an engrossing piece of literature. Besides the illustrations, the stories gives the reader a new view towards life and its circumstances. Our old art of storytelling practised by our grandparents is brought to life and the modernistic perspective of picturesque is finely combined in this book. Stories like ‘The Passionate Friend’, ‘The Mighty Lion’ and ‘Equality or Liberty’ not only instils an impactful lesson but also enriches the thinking potential. A pinch of rich vocabulary has been used that adds up to both advantage and disadvantage. It may be difficult for the children to understand and it may also enrich the young minds with new words. Cover is beautifully designed and embodies the soul of this book. Title is apt.


1. Colorful illustrations adds up as a new feature.
2. Discussed many important topics like equality.
3. Intriguing narration.
4. Some good words have been used.

1. Few editing errors can be spotted.
2. Advanced usage of words can make anyone run to the dictionary.


Narration- 9/10
Cover- 10/10
Title- 9/10
Language- 9/10
Overall– 9/10

Grab your copies now.

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