Many years ago, animals lived harmoniously in the forest. They lived in peace, having nothing to worry about snapping each other’s neck now and then. A wise lion, Sakim, ruled the forest. Every animal respected him a lot as he was very knowledgeable and was a fair ruler. He believed respect must always be earned and not given on the gold platter.

Having only one cub, Sakim was very protective of Hilchar who was known among the animals as the ‘Fiery golden mane’. Hilchar had a golden mane that matched with the fieriness of his eyes and that’s why everyone was sure, one day after their current ruler Sakim would pass away, Hilchar would become a great king, even greater than his father.

One day Sakim thought to arrange for a competition for the throne. He decided that everyone should get a chance to prove his or her worth as a ruler. He didn’t want to be partial by handing over the reign to Hilchar just because he was his son. Sakim sent his messengers to the areas outside the forest borders with the invitation for the fight.

Finally the day of the competition arrived. Animals from every corner of the forest and even outside the forest borders were present there, jumping with sheer excitement and thrill. All of them wanted to witness their future king fighting. Sakim had forbidden Hilchar from showing his fighting skills to anyone earlier and that’s why no one knew how he fought. However, every time he won against someone, the news used to spread out like molten fire and others reveled in his glory and courage.

Sakim also invited the three eldest animals from the forest castle to judge the competition, an elephant, Cahr the wisest, a mountain lion, Royak the Valiant and a wolf, Ghamik the fiercest. They were the highest ruling animals of all the forests in the world and their presence increased the enthralled ambiance.

“Welcome my friends”, Sakim’s strong and powerful voice echoed off in the clearing of the wood, creating a complete silence. Everyone turned their attention towards him and carefully listened to the rules of the fight. “Thank you for gathering here and for accepting my invitation. Today, the three living eldest of the Forest kingdom will choose the ruler of my territory. My son, Hilchar today is just another competitor and I hope no one will display any compassion towards him just because he is my son. The rules are simple. No casualty and no cheating in any form. The game should be played fair, and you will have to keep your opponent on the ground for 2 minutes to win the round. Let the game begin”, with this a loud boom resounded in the forest and the fight began.

Hilchar fought many rounds and won them all. He was wounded but still went on. His gracious fighting skills and his fierceness took everyone in awe and they all had their eyes hooked on his stance. He fought as a warrior meant for protecting his clan. The fight was almost over, and only one competitor was left. Hilchar was certain that he would walk out of the battle victorious and the win seemed to be quite easy when his opponent stepped into the fighting ring. A female wolf with the smaller body than his! “Really father! You want me to fight with her?” he shouted over his shoulder while smirking at the female in front of him. She snorted while giving a snarl towards him. “Let’s see Hilchar, the fiery mane lion, who wins the game,” she said in a determined voice and that angered Hilchar. He didn’t waste a second before prancing upon her.

She fought bravely against him and countered his every attack. The audience knew who had an upper hand in the fight. Even the three eldest were amazed to see a female fighting the mighty lion with refined skills and tactics. Hilchar made a mistake and went for the direct kill when suddenly the wolf turned around and clamped her canines in his neck, pushing him on the ground. He knew one movement and he would die. That’s why he submitted, showing his neck to her as a sign of defeat. Triumphantly, she released his neck and stood tall, pride shining on her face.

Cahr, Royak, and Ghamik along with Sakim came down the podium and entered the ring, standing directly in front of him. She bowed down in front of the eldest, paying them the respect. “My fellow animals, this young she-wolf, Nayani is your new ruler. I would like if you all accept her with open arms. Her skills, her way of fighting and defeating even the mightiest opponent had shocked all of us and so we know she will prove to be an amazing ruler”, Cahr announced amidst the huge crowd when cheers echoed in the surrounding.

“How did you defeat my son when he is one of the best fighters our kingdom can see?” Sakim asked her gaining everyone’s attention. Nayanti smiled and replied, “He might be a strong and skilled fighter, but I have lived on my own from my birth. I have had the trouble of nature and have and have adapted myself for surviving. I have learned how to fight like a warrior and simultaneously to judge my opponent’s attack from my years of experience. I might not be a trained wolf, but my experience has taught me how to win a fight against the mightiest beast”.

Finally the three eldest smiled at her confidence and crowned her as the next ruler of the largest forest in the world.


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