Once upon a time, in the pristine lands of Asia and Africa, there were reserves of grassland and long tress that covered most parts of the continents. Different humongous animals roamed about in those grasslands, feeding upon the grasses and the leaves of the short trees. They lived in harmony and peace. The days were very pleasant with the comforting rays of the sun while the nights smiled in the moon’s silver light. The animals lived their lives without any worries.

However, one day, mother nature decided to test them. As per her rules, she would subject those animals to one of the most difficult test and those who would pass, they would survive. The innocent animals were unknown to the plan mother nature was chalking against them. She told the grass and the small trees not to grown again on that land. They were perplexed but nevertheless agreed to mother nature’s demand.
When the animals ate them, they did not grew again on the same land. The animals got confused but said nothing. They thought perhaps the grasses and leaves were angry and so they were not growing instantly. Lest did they knew that the small grasses were crying seeing their friends suffering.

Slowly, slowly, all the grasses and the small trees disappeared. The once covered grassland became an arid region with only the tall trees.
But those animals could not reach up to that height because they had short neck. Hunger grabbed them and they didn’t knew what to eat.

“Mama, we are hungry”, two baby animals cried while lying on the ground, looking at their parents with sad eyes. Their parents too were sad, as they knew they could not give food to their children. Many of them died due to hunger.

One day, animals those who were alive, sat under a tall tree for a meeting. They all were weak because they had not eaten for days. The head animal suddenly spoke, his eyes gleaming with a renowned hope, “Friends there is a way by which we can survive” All other animals stood up listening to his statement. “But how? We don’t have any grass or leaves left which we can eat. And without food how we are going to survive?”, one of the old member from the group spoke in response and many of the others agreed with him.

“Yes we can eat. We still have the tall trees. We can try to stretch our neck and reach that height. I know mother nature will not punish us. We are the last few alive from our species. We should try”, he said hopefully, trying to pursue his group mates. All of them looked at each other in hesitation. But if their team leader was correct, then they might pass the test.

So they tried. Day and night, they stretched their neck and tried to reach the tall trees. Slowly, their necks elongated and they became tall. They could reach the high above leaves. The animals ate them happily. Mother nature smiled proudly at them and instructed the tall trees to give out more leaves. She was proud at her children that because of their hard work, they were able to think differently that helped them to survive the test.

If they weren’t able to think differently and try the new way of eating, they wouldn’t have reached the top trees and eat the leaves, satisfying their hunger. This difference helped them to create a landmark as they became the long- necked animals we know today as Giraffe.


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