Once upon a time, in the magical lands of the AQUA TERRAIN, people used to weave their magic and manipulate their element, water. The Aqua Terrain’s tribe used to live in a well- decorated city that was well protected by high ice walls that even the beasts of the oceans couldn’t break. The strength of the walls was a gift from the lunar god that resided within the heart of the city. They were more powerful during nights, when the moon used to be at it’s peak. The moonlight was like a boon to them, adding to their powers. The most powerful water elemental tribe, Aqua Terrain was the home of the royal family.

Aksha, the Aqua princess was soon to take the throne and become the next queen of the water elementals. The preparation for her 18th birthday was on full swing and that’s the day when she would reveal her power to the world. Individuals of the Aqua Terrain were busy in decking up the city for their princess’ birthday. They were more than just being happy and were eagerly waiting to welcome her as their new Queen.

However, the same couldn’t be said for Aksha. Sitting in her room, huddled up in a corner, she stared at the vast oceans from the window of her room. She knew that one day she would be the one to control the waves and tides, the water life just like her father. But she was scared and didn’t know what was the right thing to know. She didn’t wanted to take the power in her own hands and that is why she was desperately praying to the Lunar god to do a miracle and save her from her burden of responsibilities.

“Aksha, dear can I come in?”, it was her father, Kayash whose cheerful voice boomed in the hallways and she sighed hard, knowing that she needed to go out. Walking upto the door slowly, she pulled them open and stared at him. No matter how hard she tried to mask the conflict going on within herself, her father was able to notice the lack of the enthusiastic aura around his daughter.

“Come!”, Aksha knew she couldn’t deny the order that came from the King and her father and so she silently followed him. Kayash climbed up the stairs of the palace making sure his daughter was following him. Aksha had never seen this part of the castle and so she did not had a single idea about the place they were going to. However as soon as Kayash, her father opened the humongous door, she was stunned to see the ethereal beauty in front of her. “Father, this is..”, she drawled out her statement and simply ogled at the divinity. They were standing at the highest point of the city from where she could see the horizon clearly, the oceans looked so serene and the sound of the waves crashing against the city wall calmed her wrecking nerves.

“This is the place where I used to come with your grandfather and practiced my elemental powers”, she heard her father speaking softly, his eyes twinkling as he reminisced the moments. She too smiled and enjoyed the wind.

“Why are you so conflicted, Aksha? Tonight you will be taking my place as the next queen. You knew from the beginning that this was your responsibility and you also knew that you were born with the powers, then why are you contemplating over the choice made by lunar god himself?” Aksha released a tired sigh and looked at her father.

“I’m scared father. I’ve seen you using your elemental powers, protecting our clan from our enemies. I’ve seen how you never let any harm come in our way. But what if I fail to do so? What if I’m too late in protecting my people? Father I’m conflicted between the responsibilities that comes with my power and the consequences of them”, she sobbed quietly while letting out her insecurities.

“Look at me Aksha”, Aksha looked up at her father’s warm and comforting eyes, “do you know why we have water as our strength?” She nodded her head in a no when Kayash continued, “because water is clear and transparent. The clarity and the transparency make it the most powerful element. Water is like your emotions. Let them flow and clear your mind. Then you will see what exactly your strength is. You can see the depth of the water because of its clarity and that is the strength, the power of it. And that is why water is said to be the calmest yet the most dangerous element.”

Aksha felt as if with her father’s word, her tensions too were leaving her being and mixing with the oceans underneath them. She smiled whole-heartedly and looked towards the rippling surface. Stretching out her hand, she weaved her fingers and her lips parted, uttering the spells. A humongous wall of water rose from beneath, making everyone gasp at the powers of their soon- to- be- queen. Aksha knew at that moment where her strength lies and so she accepted herself.


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