Kishore and Ramesh were two thieves who used to steal things from homes and sold them in the black market. The money they earned from that was enough for their living. They lived in a small house in a slum area. No body in their neighbourhood knew what job they did. They thought that Ramesh and Kishore used to work in a company. Little did they knew that they were the thieves whom the police were searching from a few months.

One night when they went to steal from a lavish mansion, they were unaware of the trap that laid ahead of them. Entering the house they were met with an ominous silence.

“Kishore, don’t you think we should go back?”, Ramesh whispered to him as the silence was deafening and the entire hall area was darkened. They couldn’t risk their identity by switching on the torch and that’s why both of them relied on their eyesight.

“You are thinking too much Ramesh. What could happen in this empty house? See no one is here and so we are free to take anything”, he retorded back in a low voice while stepping forward carefully. Suddenly lights flooded the room and both of them hid behind the large pillar of the hall.

“Ramesh what is happening?”, Kishore whisper yelled and peeked from behind the pillar only to find that the people inside the hall were none other than the police. They knew only one could escape from the trap and both wanted to run for life. At that moment, no one was the friend of the other. All they cared for was their own life and so both of them took their different escape routes. Unfortunately the police caught a hold of Kishore and arrested him while Ramesh successfully escaped from their clutches.

Kishore got an imprisonment for two years. Ramesh continued with his acts, this time however he was more cautious and left the town. Years went by and Kishore was being released from the prison. After getting out of that nightmare, Kishore decided to invest the rest of his life into something fruitful. He went to a public school and received the education. He wanted to establish something of his own and that is why he took loan from a person and started his own business. Slowly, his business flourished as he started to accept the goods of life. He decided to lock down his past and accept the bright future that laid ahead.

One day, while visiting one of his branches, he stopped by a resort. There he saw Ramesh, stealing something from the resort’s store room. For once he thought to call the police but decided against it the next moment. So he thought to handle the matter on his own.

“Ramesh stop this instance!”, Ramesh froze at the familiar voice and turned back. He was shocked to see the man in front of him who was once his friend.

“Kishore”, he said his name with venom dripping from his words, “Why are you here? What do you want from me?” Kishore knew his old friend was angry and perhaps the anger was genuine but he couldn’t let his friend suffer what he had gone through.

“I’m staying at this resort”, he replied with a calm voice and looked directly at his friend.

“Yeah, I forgot! You are now one of the richest people of the country. So tell me if I can help you in someway?”, Ramesh said sarcastically.

“Ramesh, I don’t want anything from you. You were and are my friend and will always be my friend. But I don’t want you to lose yourself in this darkness. Trust me Ramesh, I’ve seen what the life is in the prison. I have endured the tortures, the humiliation. Leave all these earthly happiness. Nothing good lies in all these. These stealings, this money earned in a wrong way will never give you the happiness you deserve. Believe me. After I got out of that place, I vowed to myself not to look back. I walked towards a better future, a better life. Get out of this shallow life and look for something higher than this.”, after Kishore finished saying, he left the place with a hope that his friend would think about his words.


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