In the love- filled land of Jharbi, there was small town. Thirty to thirty five families lived in that town in single or two- storey houses. There was nothing extravagant about the materialistic possession of the town. However, the same couldn’t be said about the emotions and feelings of the people that lingered in the air of the town. Among those happy and contended lives, one family was out- of the box.

Aryan was eleven-year-old boy who studied in a school in the next town. If seen from outside, their family was the most peaceful one, never getting into argument with each other. No one knew what was the truth behind their mysterious silence and seclusion.

Aryan was very arrogant, he never acknowledged the efforts his parents made for his proper education and his upbringing. The school in which he read was one of the best schools of Jharbi and as a matter of fact, the kids of the rich and elite- class people went there. Aryan, belonging to the middle standard economic strata wanted the snobbery those people portrayed.

Every now and then he demanded for expensive things, refused to eat home- made foods and always wanted to go to his friend’s house for parties. His parents never allowed him, knowing the fact that he would get lost amidst the maze of their riches. They tried to make him see the happiness in their little life but Aryan never paid any head to their efforts.

One day Aryan invited his best friend, Shekhar and his big brother, Varun to his house. This was the first time he had invited his friend and that is why he wanted to impress them. He didn’t wanted them to know that he was not as rich as they were and his parents were not classy as their parents were. So he told his mother to cook something from the Italian cuisine.

Aryan’s mother knew nothing about Italian foods and being a mother, she didn’t wanted the kids to remain empty stomach. That is why she made delicious and mouth watering Indian dishes, thinking that her son and his friends would definitely like them. Evening came sooner than expected and Shekhar and Varun reached Aryan’s house.

Both of them were stunned to see the beautiful town in which Aryan lived. They even complimented his house, catching him by surprise. Dinner time came and all were seated across the dining table, waiting for Aryan’s mother to bring in the food. Aryan was grinning inwardly thinking that his friends would be enthralled when they would see the Italian dishes being cooked only for them. But his happiness was short lived when he saw his mother serving the Indian dishes.

Pushing the chair harshly, he banged the table startling everyone else in the room.

“Mom, I told you to cook Italian dishes. What are these then? I specifically told you that Shekhar and his brother are not fond of these oily Indian foods. They don’t live like us and yet you made them. I just don’t understand why you are hell bent on making my life more miserable”, saying this he left the dining hall and went to his room.

Taking his wallet and some money, he climbed down the stairs. “Shekhar, Varun, let’s go guys. I’m really sorry that mom didn’t made the food properly. Let’s go out and have our dinner. Treat is on me. Come on!”, he said while fixing his jacket. But the scene infront of him made him halt in his tracks.

Shekhar and Varun were eating the food his mother had cooked and not only that, they were laughing whole- heartedly while talking to his mother. Not understanding what was happening, he went towards the table. Sensing Aryan’s presence, everyone turned their attention towards him.

“Varun, Shekhar you guys are eating this food? Why? Come on don’t worry, let’s go out and we will have the dinner”, he said in a confused voice while eyeing the duo.
Varun stood up while pushing his plate slightly as he was already done with his dinner. “Aryan come I would like to have some word with you”, saying this both the boys went outside to a nearby park. Sitting on an empty bench, Varun looked at his surroundings.

“Aryan, I have seen the way your parents behave and also the way you behave. Aryan, you are blinded by the shine of our life, the lavishness we lead. You are too young to understand anything. Listen one thing, there is no happiness in the life we lead. Our mother, she doesn’t even have time to talk with us, let alone make food. Years later, I have tasted the flavour of the dishes made by a mother. Your mother is dedicated to your happiness, not the materialistic one like phones, laptops or international foods. She cares for you truly. She wants you to learn the happiness that comes from small things. And trust me, we both wish to have someone like this in our life. Aryan remember one thing, no one else can be so dedicated and committed towards you than your mother. My mom comes in the school just because she have to, not because she wants to. There is a huge difference between them. So never behave like this. Acknowledge her efforts because the day she will start to work according to her convenience, that day you will know what exactly it is to live without a mother’s love and care.”

Aryan was stunned listening to him and couldn’t help but to sob silently as he too realised his mistakes. When they returne, he profusely apologised to his mother who without any complains, gathered him in a motherly embrace. That night he learned that a mother’s commitment towards her child is priceless, something that does not come as an excuse.


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