A swashbuckling collection of poetry that gets under your skin. The drops of each piece of poetry splash from lines as if the poet was navigating through each poem on rope swing. The collection is intelligent, soulful and amusingly self-aware. A book of poetry where you say less and mean more.


The book ‘Failure- A path to success’ is a beautiful collection of 11 engaging pieces of poetry that hits right there at the core of your heart and brings your drowned spirit to life. Each piece triumphs the refined technique and is eminently approachable. The poetries talks more of reality and so less of surrealism that makes the most of readers relate to it efficiently. It reaches the untouched multitudes of your minds and blows away the misery we all hold within. Poems like ‘Why We Failed’, ‘Something new’ and ‘Sample’ operates the meaning like powerful verses of speech that also makes them sound less poetic.
Whereas ‘Multiverse of entity’ and ‘The deadlocks of immaturity’ are enriched to points of ecstasy. Line after line, they shimmer with grace and fury. All the ideas are put forward so fearlessly that it encourages you to speak up with your own voice and enlightens the lost echo.

In a nutshell, this is a book that after reading, you will wish that existed when you first began reading poetry. Cover is quite unrelatable to the content inside that looks less approaching. Title gives a wider sense of motivation than the poesy that doesn’t grab the attention at first.


1. All the poems are penned down with great articulation.

2. ‎The words are interwoven with ideas in an alluring way that keeps you engaged.

3. Poetries relate even the particulate things that makes you think deeper seas.


1. The hard try of maintaining a rhyme scheme is visible.

2. ‎Unnecessary long sentences have contributed to make it look less poetic.

3. ‎Lacks in poetic devices.


1. Narration- 9/10
2. Language- 9/10
3. Title-8/10
4. Cover- 8/10
5. Overall-8/10

Grab your copies now.

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