Tigers and lions were known as the beast of the jungle. With the unique stripes and the royal mane, both the species of the animals were the most feared ones. Their powerful strides and fearless gaze had captivated many hearts in fear and all other animals bowed before them in respect. No one dared to cross their paths. In addition, both the lions and the tiger came to be known as the predators of the woods.

A group of scientists decided to create something new out of these two species. They wanted a cub that had characteristics both of a lion and a tiger. They wanted to make a hybrid organism so that a new species with new characteristics could evolve. Dr. Akshat was the head of the group. He was one of the famous biologists in the country. His experiments and discoveries were famous all over the world and most of the people recognized him as the ‘King of the Scientific World’.

One day, he summoned his teammates for a group meeting. “Gentlemen, thank you for coming here. As I have told you earlier, I want to make something new so that the population of the both the species is conserved. Moreover, if my calculations are correct, then the new organism will be the largest and the mightiest of everone”, he told them with confidence exuding out from him.

“But Dr. Akshat, we have tried a number of times. The results died even before we could know where the problems lie. It is not possible to make an offspring that have lion father and tiger mother. So many cubs had died earlier and all this failures have crushed our dream”, one of his team members said in a dejected voice. Dr. Akshat smiled and went to his projector machine.

“Till now, we have been trying in a wrong way. Perhaps that is the reason behind our multiple failures. Yesterday I was reading a book when I came across this statement. It said that our knowledge should not limit only to the theoretical concepts. Rather new things could only be discovered and invented when these theoretical concepts would be implemented in real experimentation. Until now we have tried the natural process of breeding where the chances of producing a mixed species cub was low. Now I want to apply the concept of cell to cell fertilization in real life”.

Everyone looked in amazement at Dr. Akshat who went on explaining how they could achieve a successful fertilization between two different genuses of animals, lions and tigers. Everyone agreed to try once more, as they trusted Dr. Akshat’s plan. They collected the cells from both the organisms and did the experiments in their laboratory. After a number of tries, they finally became successful.
Their theoretical concepts were given a life by Dr. Akshat and finally after one year, the female tigress gave birth to a cub having resemblance to the lion father and the mother tigress. The scientist named it as LIGER, the mightiest of all.

Since then, many such experiments have been done and now the liger species is distributed all over the world, in zoos, wild life sanctuaries and also in the wild forests.
The success of Dr. Akshat’s experiment gave a new hope to all the scientists and they tried the concept on many different species. Soon hybrid organisms began to evolve and today, the biodiversity is a unique reserve of experimental organisms.


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