Ishaani and Radhika were twin sisters who were still in their school age. Both the sisters were exactly opposite to each other. Where Ishaani was a calm person, Radhika was like a tornado. Ishaani was a very hard working student who studied hard for scoring marks while Radhika spent her time in other things. Even their parents were worried for both the girls, more for Radhika as they were tensed about her future. But Radhika was a free- spirited girl, she never cared for the marks. For her, studies weren’t just a responsibility that someone needed to fulfil. And that is why she never read her books properly. Even their school teachers praised Ishaani for her hard work and concentration. Ishaani tried a lot to make her sister understand the importance of studies, but she never paid heed.
One day, their school declared that all the students have to prepare a speech on freedom fighters and invited a few famous historians to judge the competition. Every student started preparing for the exam since the day of announcement. Ishaani, being a history buff wanted to win this competition. So she started gathering as much information as possible on the role of the freedom fighters in the Independence struggle of India.
Radhika didn’t even budged about it and continued with her old lifestyle. Anyone could say that she was least interested in such competitions. Her parents tried to persuade her but she was very stubborn and so after a point of time, they dropped the idea.
It was the day of the competition and every student submitted their speech to their teachers. Everyone was shocked when Radhika too handed over a paper to her teacher. Even her teacher was shocked, “Radhika these are just two pages! How you are going to win the competition?”, her teacher asked in astonishment whereas Radhika smiled and told her not to worry.

Three hours later, the judges finally came out with the result. Ishaani was certain, she was going to win because she had stacked much information in her speech which a lot didn’t even know.
“At the beginning when we started to read the entries, we were stunned to notice some talented and hard working girls. You are really commendable. However, one of your friend has stirred our thinking in some other direction. When we read her paper, we couldn’t get a hold of our tears. She has explained everything so beautifully. So the winner of this competition is Radhika Jain”, the entire school was silent when the name of the winner was announced.
Radhika stood from her seat and walked upto her teacher. Bending down, she touched her feet.
“I told you ma’am, don’t worry about me!”, she smirked when her teacher blessed her whole heartedly.
“Radhika”, her sister Ishaani called out to her from behind, “What did you do? Did you steal my paper? It’s impossible for you to win because you never did anything. On the other hand, I worked so hard, spent so much time on collecting the information. Then how could they announce you as the winner?”,
“It is because I used my smartness to complete the work. You thought that by submitting 50 papers of your speech and filling them with unknown facts could make you the winner in true sense? Well Ishaani, that’s where you are wrong. I wrote nothing special in those papers. I simply wrote the sayings of the freedom fighters and how they sacrificed their lives whereas you wrote about the various policies and strategies Ishaani. It is not important everytime to work hard to achieve something. It is our smartness and our presence of mind that makes our work efficient and fruitful”, saying this she went towards the podium and received the first award and scholarship of her life only because of her smart work.

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