Akbar was an engineering student studying in a prestigious college at Bangalore. He was a tech master, programming codes were like his toys. Day and night, he used to play with them, designing different softwares and games. No one knew of his skills because he chose to be in dark. It was like a fun time for him. Hailing from a poor family, he was the only son of his father and that is why he dreamt of becoming a successful engineer. However he had a problem, stammering.

Students of his class used to mock at him every day whenever he tried to speak something and stammered. He didn’t have any physical problem, it was more like a birth syndrome. His father had consulted many doctors but no one was able to cure him. At the end day of his third year of engineering, he was laughed at by his batchmates in front of the juniors. He couldn’t do anything that day and so he decided that would make their mouth shut.

He decided to build a platform for all those who were seen as an outcast from the society. He worked up day and night to make the program codes and successfully build the platform. His codes failed every time he decided to run them on the coding platforms.

Six months passed and he wasn’t able to complete a single section of his website. He was growing more frustrated as his attempts started to fail. One day, he decided to take a break from this life and visit a quieter place. Walking along the small lake at the back of his university, he continued to stare at the way a cat was trying to get out of the water.
He stopped in his tracks and watched it failing several times in it’s attempts as every time it was half way above the water, it would again slip down back. After a good ten minutes, the cat was finally out of the lake, albeit with difficulty. He was about to turn away when he came face to face with one of his senior, Rakesh.

“You know what exactly the cat was trying to do?”, Rakesh directly asked him without any greeting and Akbar frowned his brows in confusion.

“What do you mean?”, he snapped back at him, waiting for the moment to escape the situation. Rakesh chuckled softly and faced him, “Don’t worry I’m not going to mock at you. I know what you are trying to do to establish a website. And I also know that you have failed in all your attempts till now and you are losing hope. Akbar, the cat was trying to get out even when it was failing in every attempt. Do you know what that means? It means that no matter how hard the beginning of something is, you must keep faith in yourself and try. No matter how long it takes to take the first step, never lose hope of reaching your aim. Hope and courage is all you need to begin your journey and cross the initial steps successfully.”

Akbar continued to stare at his senior when Rakesh flashed a smile and left the place. At night, he sat with all his research papers and continued to analyse the codes he had written.

Lately, he realised that there were mistakes in his codes and that is why he wasn’t able to build the page successfully. Smiling to himself, he corrected the mistakes and finally after a week of thorough analysis, he was able to create the platform.

Smiling, he said to himself, “One step done. And now the popularity of this webpage is yet to achieve. The beginning of my journey was no doubt difficult and hard but I wouldn’t be happy if it wasn’t.”


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