It was the winter carnival in the city. People were busy in buying exciting things from the carnival and enjoying themselves. The carnival spanned half of the city in the area. Lights filled up the entire city as it was decked beautifully in those glowing in florescent tubes and bulbs. In spite of the happiness around, two souls were there, Kaira and Ahan who looked sad and lost. They were sad because they did not have any kids. Looking out the window, the couple watched everyone walking with their children, hand in hand and smiling brightly. They felt a pang of pain in their chest knowing they won’t be able to feel that same parental bliss.

“Ahan, I too want to go and enjoy like them”, she said softly in a sad tone while pointing towards the crowd. Ahan nodded his head in assurance and gathered some necessary things before dragging Kaira outside their room. Just as they were about to mingle with the crowd, they heard a pained whine followed by soft barks. Kaira’s curiosity led the couple to a small and secluded area down the alley. The whines came from two puppies who were trying to wake their mother up with their snouts. They let out a pained howl every time they found their attempts failing. Kaira knew their mother was hardly alive by her labored breathing.
She wanted to save them as she had always loved animals. Quickly gathering the pups in her embrace, she told Ahan to take care of the mother dog. Ahan lifted it from the ground and rushed towards his car. They drove to the veterinary hospital where the doctor immediately took the sick mother dog from them.

After four treacherous hours of waiting, finally, the doctors gave them the good news of her survival. Kaira was more than happy as she patted the pups’ head, sitting on her lap. She had tears of happiness in her eyes seeing the way the little dogs were licking her hand in affection.

“Ahan, I want to adopt them. They don’t have anyone who will take care of them. I don’t want to put these innocent little lives through the same pain again. Please, Ahan!”, she pleaded while caressing their heads.

“Okay. I will talk to the doctor and see when we can take her home. And also these two devils need their vaccination”, Ahan replied gleefully as he walked up to the doctor. They kept the mother dog for whole one week after which she was released. As soon as the pups saw their mother, they bounced back and forth happily and started barking as Ahan entered their home with her. The little family reunion brought a huge smile on Kaira’s face. She decided to help all the street dogs who had no one to care for them. She discussed the same idea with Ahan and he too agreed. They bought a house next to their current one for the dogs. Kaira bought all the necessities they would need and also took help from her friends who were animal lovers.

Once the house was built, Kaira and Ahan got in touch with a dog rescue center and pitched their idea about helping the stray dogs. Slowly, they started to gather the wounded or injured dogs from around the city and admitted them to the hospital. After they would recover, Kaira and Ahan brought them to the dog house.
They even gave shelter to the pups, breeding dogs and old ones. The news of their service reached the ears of the Government. Soon Kaira and Ahan got their help. The couple extended their service from one dog care house to twenty-two within the state. Kaira was chosen as the brand ambassador for the UNICEF from her state.

“You know Ahan I never thought I could be happy someday. But looking at these innocent animals, I am certain, the decision I took years back was correct. I have got the light of my life through them. And I am grateful to you for helping me through this”, Kaira said softly as the couple smiled while seeing the dogs playing around them happily.


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