Varantha was a city in the extreme south of the country. It was a beautiful place, with magnificent, tall buildings lining up one side of the city. It was the office downtown area. The eastern border of the city was adorned with colourful houses. The coast of the sea was around half an hour away from the eastern border of the city while a humungous river flowed through the northern boundary.

Thousand of cars lined up the roads of the city. The black smoke that came out from the exhaust of the car engine formed a cloud over the city. The industries were built nearby the outskirts of the city and the gases from them too added up in the black clouds. A very few trees lined up the west side of the city. The State Government was so eager to make the city a refined one with luscious look that they ignored the consequences. The Government ordered the trees to be cut down so that the exquisite office buildings could be raised on that land. The absence of the trees made it difficult for the State Health and Welfare Centre to manage the pollution level. They even warned the Government officials about the increasing level of the pollutants but the latter did not pay a head to the warnings. They continued with their irrational jobs of destroying the nature’s property. It was during the rainy season when the city faced the wrath of nature. The rain during the season was the highest in volume that the city had ever faced. The prolonged rain for three weeks resulted in floods across the city. People began to shift to other states for protecting themselves from the rising water level. Electricity was cut down due to the floods. The entire city was consumed by an ominous darkness. Many people were stuck within their houses.

The Government sent rescue teams for getting them out safely but the rain water had caused the overflowing of the river. The river water flowed harshly across the middle of the city. The flow of the river stopped the rescuing teams from reaching the eastern side. Time was slipping out of their hands and more than half the population was still stuck in that part of the city. Lack of food and electricity was making it difficult for the survivors to spend another day.

“Sir, it is impossible to cross the river. The water is flowing with great speed and the flow is towards the eastern side only sir”, the head of the rescue team told the Chief Minister loudly over the satellite phone. The Chief minister was equally worried for the safety of the people.

“Do one thing. Turn the course of the flowing river towards the ocean”, he said over the phone and prayed for their success. There was a low sloping area fifty metres ahead of their current location which was causing the water to flow towards the houses. They filled up that place with boulders and rocks. The increased land level caused the change in the flow course.

The team members cried in joy and happiness and went towards the houses to complete their rescue mission. Finally after four long hours of immense hard work, all the people were rescued and shifted to a safe place. The Chief Minister was in grief because the number of people who either had lost their lives or went missing was huge. After three days since the rescue, the rain finally stopped and the people were again able to see a clear sky after three cursed weeks of continuous heavy shower. They breathed the fresh air hungrily. It seemed as if mother nature herself cleared the darkness from the air of the city.

The nearby states extended their helps to the Varantha people. On the third day, the Chief Minister arranged for a public meet over the television. Everyone gathered in front of the T.V. on the day of the meet, waiting for him to say. Soon the meet started and the interviewer requested him to speak.

Facing the camera, he took a deep breath and started, “I know what we have faced through the last three weeks was something we have never expected. We have lost our friends, our families but we have met new ones too. These three weeks have made us realize the mistakes we have made. We have exploited our mother nature to the extent where we had to face the consequences in such a drastic way. It was all our fault, every individual’s fault that we constantly neglected the warnings. But these dark days have made us know that we are now going to value the worth of what we get from the nature. After all, more the night is dark, more the stars will shine brightly”.


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