Once there were four friends, Karan, Shail, Robin and Deepak. They lived in the heart of the city, amidst the middle class economic strata. They were not extravagant in lavishness or fortunes. Karan worked in a mechanic auto shop, Shail was a school peon, Robin dealt with machineries and Deepak had a small repairing shop.
The four friends were so busy in their own lives that they forgot to spend time with each other. The only time they met in a week was when they went to the Church.

It was during the New Year celebration that the four friends finally took some time out to enjoy with each other. They were sitting by a lake at night and watching the multitudes of explosion in the sky.

“I don’t want to go back to my original life. It’s so boring and tiring too. You know guys, we don’t have that adventurous mindsets anymore. Our jobs have compelled us to intermingle with them to such an extent that we don’t even have one hour to spare from our busy schedule and meet each other”, Deepak said while gazing at the sky absentmindedly.

“I was thinking to open up my own business like you Deepak”, Karan suddenly spoke unexpectedly. The trio looked at him in sheer shock.

“I was thinking something else”, Shail said in a hesitant voice while others stopped their bickering on hearing his statement.

“Why don’t we open a business together? I mean during our childhood, whatever we did together, it always had been successful. So in spite of trying new things on our own, why don’t we combine our ideas and work as a team like we used to be”, everyone seemed to contemplate over his statement as Shail sat there with fidgeting fingers.

Later that night the four friends decided to go on with Shail’s idea, their trust on each other and their team work winning over this time. Next day, they again gathered at the same place and concluded to open up a Hotel as their business. They decided to handle the works of the hotel on their own. Karan would look after the mechanics part, Shail went for the kitchen, the receptionist responsibility, Robin took the duty of checking on the electrical machineries of the hotel, and Deepak would look after the other things.
They invested their money in constructing the building. It was not a five star or seven star lavish hotel. Having only three storeys and near about ten rooms, the four started their journey as a team. Their hospitality and services allured people to stay in their hotel. The co- ordination that the four had was almost unseen and people started to prefer theirs to other’s in that area.

Soon their hotel got thirty rooms with six stories in all, garaging facility and exquisite interiors. They hired efficient members to manage the growing business and established a smoothly working team with the employees. Everyone was happy with their joint work and efforts.

Six years later, Karan, Robin, Shail and Deepak were some of the richest persons in the country with their chain of hotels spanning all over the world. However, there friendship and team work never faltered due to the shines of lavishness. Their understanding, joint efforts and co- ordination changed their lives and made them achieve their goals with more efficiency.


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