‘Be a warrior and not a worrier.’

That’s the powerful message from a warrior to other warriors in making who are preparing to fight a battle. That battle is titled as exams and you guessed it right as we are talking about PM Narendra Modi’s recent release ‘Exam warriors’ that is written to aim the stress, tension and countless worries the students appearing for boards have to go through. This book takes you on visual tours with small bunny guides and colourful illustrations filled with even more vibrant colors in background.


PM Modi has triumphed his victory in doing what no head of any other country has ever done. He directly aimed at the youth and teenagers that constitute the majority of population of our country. In this book, he has written about several useful and essential habits and practises that helps in reducing the exam stress and peer pressure. Also, he has described many elementary rules that have proved to be incredibly helpful in handling the exams. This book does not overestimate or overrate the importance of exams in one’s life. Neither does it provide any hypothetical solutions to such practical and daily life problems. It just deals with the problems and confusions of a youngster’s mind that is generally over-looked.

It (The book ) does not imposes the pressure of scoring good and securing the first position in board exams, it simply makes us understand the real and precise importance of exams in real life and how the exams are essential in breaking through a better future. Besides, it also depicts the significance of these exams in shaping a healthy and happy go lucky life. Mostly, these school exams are taken either very lightly or with a heavy workload and that makes all the difference. Either you will make or you will break it and that is what happens when we take a lot of pressure and hence perform badly that simply breaks our self esteem and self confidence. This book is the literary cure for all these exam related problems that can also be called a solution that will stay with us till the dooms day and will help the coming generations to deal with exam pressure and stress.

This book has come into existence at the exact time when the country was in need of it. The increasing number of suicides of students due to workload and pressure made it extremely crucial for someone to take an initiative and run a step ahead. PM Modi did a job that can prove to be a life saver and life changer for many. It has also won hearts of many parents who were looking out for a helping hand for their children and hence our country got them one. The thing that makes this book more unique is that it aims the younger generation but can help anyone at a greater extent. Any reader from any age- group will find it interesting and intriguing. It can act as a source of motivation for many regardless of their age, their profession whether they are working or not, whether they are studying or not etc.

‘Exam Warriors’ is written in a way to leave a life changing impact on its readers that makes them realize the importance of quality education over quantity education. It emphasizes the idea that good marks are good but not on the cost of good education. Good marks should not be obtained by cheating and bribing which is a major concern in our country. He (Me. Modi) has targeted the book’s soul to the idea of qualitative citizenship. Also, he has addressed a personalized letter to teachers and parents asking them to accept rather than expect. The letter puts an emphasis on motivating the students and empower them to make the best out of the opportunities and to motivate them so that they do something driven by their passion instead of seeking to become something. Also, the blurb is stupendously enchanting that reads “this book will be a friend not only in acing exams but also facing life.” Coming back to the cover and illustrations, the cover is beautifully designed to seek the attention at a first glance.


1. Narration- 10/10
2. Cover- 10/10
3. Illustration- 10/10
4. Overall- 10/10

Get your copy now.

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