Once upon a time, there were two brother wolves, Shealm and Vedan, who ruled a small community of wolves. Other animals ruled the woods and that’s why the wolves stayed on their lands and never got into fights with others. Both the brothers were wise leaders of their own kind. The other animals envied them because of their wisdom, calmness and their unity. So they decided to kill them.

One day when the brothers went to a nearby lake for drinking water on their run, they were tackled down on the ground by other animals. Two against nine, both the brothers knew defeat was inevitable as they were outnumbered.

Shealm and Vedan fought bravely but the wounds slowed them down and by the time, the fight ended, they were badly injured, Shealm more than Vedan. As the night fell, the pack members found them, barely alive and immediately brought them back to the land. After three weeks of immense care, they healed but not completely. They were too weak to go for a hunt or run.

Vedan decided to sit back for a few more days and enjoy the carefree life as he didn’t want to go back again in that previous burdensome life. However, Shealm was against the thought. He knew his pack members required guidance, needed the leader’s help and so without thinking twice, Shealm returned back to his job. In spite of being more injured, he helped others to build the pack stronger.

After a week, the moon goddess came to visit them. Wolf was a clan that worshipped the moon and howled to it. She came to Earth to decide who amongst the two brothers would be the King of the Night. The pack welcomed her wholeheartedly. When she told her purpose to the brothers, Vedan thought it to be the right opportunity to take care of the pack and show her that he was the more efficient one. That’s why Vedan went back to his role and started helping the pack members in their daily hobs whereas Shealm remained aloof from the competition and performed his responsibility wholeheartedly. Moon goddess observed both the brothers throughout the day.

Next morning, everyone gathered in the clear land to the western corner of their territory. Shealm and Vedan stood in front of the moon goddess, their chest puffed out and stance was that of the leaders. She smiled at them and proceeded to place the crown. Vedan was grinning from ear to ear when moon goddess made her way towards them but he wolfish grin fell the moment he saw her turning towards Shealm. Placing the crown on his head, she announced him as the king. Both the brothers were shocked and barked at her to which she chuckled and stepped back.

“Vedan you have no right to be angry over my decision. Your brother got the title because he deserved it. He gave his time, his life in strengthening the wolf clan. He helped them when he was himself injured more than you. What you did was unacceptable. You left your pack mates on their own and decided to enjoy the lavish life! That is why I did not make you the king. A receiver is the one who knows how and when to be at the giving end and certainly Shealm fits this perfection correctly”, saying this she went away, vanishing in the air leaving behind a promising Alpha who promised to himself to serve his pack and a sulking brother who was angry on the turn of events.


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