Once upon a time, there was the water kingdom ruled by the King of all the rivers, the Rivulet. His children flowed across different lands on the Earth. Rivulet was proud of his family since they beautified the land, gave the plants water, was a habitat for many aquatic animals and also gave water for the civilizations to grow.

One day, the queen of Earth, Terra Czarina visited Rivulet in his palace. When she entered the hydra court, everyone was alerted seeing the grim expression on her face. Never had they seen the queen of Earth so fidgety and anxious which is why when she rushed towards the king, everyone was alarmed.

“Queen Terra, what a pleasant surprise to have you here after such a long time! Please tell me how can I serve you?”, Rivulet stood up from his sit, the flowing water from his sash washing the stairs as he descended down to greet Czarina. She did a little bow to acknowledge the king and told him that she wanted to talk in private.

“Very well then, please come this way. I think the garden will be the best place to talk!”, both the rulers started to walk towards the posh and magnificent garden to the left of the Hydra palace. The foyer that stood proudly in the middle of the garden was watering the plants and the flowers were singing happily. However, the moment they saw Rivulet, all of them greeted him and receded back.

“Is the water flowing down the foyer yours?”, Terra Czarina asked Rivulet as they stood at a corner and watched the water playing with the flowers. He chuckled and nodded his head in a no.

“He is my youngest son, Nile. He loves to play and make others happy”, Rivulet replied proudly, “Now, Terra, tell me why are you so worried? Is everything alright in your kingdom?” Terra Czarina gave him a sad look and forwarded her hand in front. Swirling her wrist she allowed some sand to escape her fist and built a scenic view in front of them.

“The Sahara desert! From past one month is losing her glory. The animals and the civilizations are slowly dying and Cassia, the queen of the forest had declined her presence on my terrain. I don’t know what to do Rivulet. The main problem is the absence of water. Sahara is covering most part of the landmass and there is no river flowing through the land”, Terra Czarina finished while looking at Rivulet. He seems to be in deep trouble, thought Rivulet. After a few moments, Rivulet told the guards to summon all of his children in the court.

“Come Czarina. Nile will join us shortly”, saying this he marched back in the palace followed by Czarina and Nile, who had come back to his human form after his father sent the guards away.

One by one, all his children came to the court. Greeting Czarina, as usual, they took their individual place. When Rivulet was sure that everyone was present, he signaled Czarina to show them.

“Father, Queen Terra Czarina, I apologize for interrupting but there is nothing we can do. Your daughter, Sahara is spacing the entire land, from east to west. The air is very dry with no rainfall because of the war that happened between your daughter and the eldest son of the air kingdom, Aurambiance. We once held a meeting with him, tried to pursue to give clouds and moisture winds in that area, but he declined our request. We couldn’t let ourself dry up in that arid climate and that’s why we retreated back Father”, Rivulet’s eldest daughter, the warrior princess of the river kingdom, Amazona spoke up.

She was one of the renowned river on the earth’s surface and drained the Amazon basin. Her strength and vigor made her the warrior princess of the kingdom.

“Yes I know and that’s why we had drawn a treaty with Aurambiance. He will not give his clouds to Sahara directly. But he will allow his powers over Lake Victoria, your niece Rivulet. All I need is one of your children to allow his or her water to flow through the area”, Terra Czarina’s word arose hesitancy amongst everyone. No one wanted to drain the area since they were not going to get a direct access to the clouds of Aurambiance. “Father”, a young and innocent voice boomed within the confines of the royal court drawing everyone’s attention, “I would like to take up the responsibility if you allow me!”

Everyone was shocked when they realized who it was. Princess Amazona tried to stop her youngest brother Nile but it seemed, he was adamant about helping Sahara. “Nile it is not possible to survive and let your water flow through the life without direct access to air kingdom’s clouds and winds. And moreover, Father, Nile had never been out of this castle. How will he mend his powers in fulfilling such a drastic responsibility?”, Princess Ganges voiced her concern while pleading her brother to step down.

“Nile how will you manage to flow constantly?”, Rivulet asked him in amazement. “Father, cousin Victoria is not the only lake there. There are others too. If I can connect them with my water making a channel then it will be possible for me to give water to Sahara”, Nile replied while looking at his father expectantly. After a lot of discussion Rivulent agreed to the decision. Since then, Nile has been draining the desert land of Sahara in the western part. The water is so pure and blue that civilization grew along its banks, the Egyptian Civilization. Nile wanted to be different from his brothers and sisters and that’s why he took the responsibility. His channel through the desert is longest in length and he became the only reason because of which life survived in the Sahara desert.


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