Once upon a time, in a small town there lived a family. They had business in fruit farms and exported them to the markets of the city. Sharad was the eldest son of the family who always wanted to fulfil his grandfather’s last wish. He was in his late twenties when he took over the farms from his father and started to manage them. He was hard-working, dedicated and much more efficient than his father and uncles which is why once he started to look after the farms, his business flourished within the city. Their farm got more fruit exportation consignments than before.

Sharad looked after the business keenly so that there would be no mistakes. He became quite popular in the market because his fruits were fresh and delicious. Moreover, his efficiency and timely delivery kept everyone satisfied. However, the happy days didn’t lasted for long.

One day, it was raining cats and dogs, which is why Sharad couldn’t pay a visit to the farms. He was sitting in his living room when his sister came busting into the room.

“Brother, there is a call for you. It’s from the farm”, she said in her ever-so cheerful voice making him cringe back at the loudness. Shaking his head, he went towards the end of the hallway to receive the phone.

“Hello”, Sharad spoke in a calm voice. Suddenly an urgent shuffling sound broke his thoughts, “Sir, there is water clogging in the western wing of the farm. We cannot do anything to drain it. All the packed fruits are damaged, sir. Please come soon”, the words struck him like lightning and the next moment he was by his car. He didn’t bother to check the speed at which he was driving. He knew that he needed to get to farm as soon as possible and so he accelerated the car. Within minutes he reached the area and saw people draining the water through buckets. The rain had stopped about half an hour ago. So it was a relief that no more damage would be caused. His eyes became glossy as he saw the whole cold house flooded with water. They were about to ship the fruits the next day out of the town as they had a consignment but seeing all the boxes submerged in the water, Sharad knew they had lost the deal. It was his grandfather’s dream to extend the business beyond the city walls. Raking his fingers through his hair, he gulped down the tears and then suddenly his phone rang. Picking up the call he answered, “Hello father. We are trying to drain the water from the storage house. But no matter what we do, we have already lost the deal”.

Listening to his words, something snapped within him and his grandfather’s hopeful face floated in front of his eyes. “I would never let grandpa down. He dreamt of extending this business outside the city and I am going to fulfill his dream. It is not the time to cry over the spilled milk. What’s done has been done. Now let us deal the matter practically and with the rational mind, not with emotions”, he said to his brother who was also the manager at the farm. Both the boys nodded at each other and then went into the cold storage. Sharad instructed the workers to gather as many fruits as possible from the water.

“We need to drain the water. It’s cold storage so clogging of water for three hours couldn’t harm the fruits much. We already had stored some extra boxes in the east wing. So I think we can make up for the loss. All we now need to focus is about the draining”.

As he said this, all other workers got busy in removing the water from the storage room. Sharad and his brother collected the fresh fruits and gathered them in large buckets. They sent the fruit-filled buckets to the other wing which was safe from the rainwater. After about two hours, they were finally able to sort out all the fresh fruits and packed them in the boxes. Sharad was glad that with their combined efforts they were able to keep up with the terms of the deal. The next day, the consignment was shipped from the storage house and was sent out of the town. His family was proud of him the day when he got the first call from his client that he needed to supply fresh fruits to the state’s busiest market. His happiness knew no bounds as he was able to fulfill his grandfather’s dream. And it was only possible because he surrendered his emotions and feelings and judged the situation practically. He didn’t let his feeling cloud his decisions.


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