God always rewards your good deeds

There lived an old woman in a village who stayed alone in her small house. Her husband was dead and her son worked far away to earn his living. She was not so well off yet every day after making her lunch, she would keep a chapati on the window shill for the needy for she knew the pain of a hungry stomach. Every day a poor hunchback man would come and take the chapati and would walk away without a word of thanks.

After taking the chapati he would always say, “The good you do remains with you, the evil you do comes back to you.” The woman was irritated with him, “Not a word of thanks, ungrateful fellow.”

A few days passed and one day she got a letter from her son, the letter carried bad news, “Mother, I am sorry. I have not been able to visit you since last year as I have to work very hard. Sadly, mother, I have failed to do anything here. I have lost my job two months ago, now I have no money to sustain myself in the expensive city. I am finding it difficult to live here. I have spent all my savings. If it’s not a problem can I come back home? I can start something there. Your son.”

She immediately wrote a letter back to him stating she would be happy if he came back. She prayed to God and demanded all his problems come to an end. The next two days she spent cleaning his room as she waited eagerly for his return, in the meantime she didn’t forget to keep the chapati even though the man was ungrateful. She told herself that she fed him for her own satisfaction. So, even if he is ungrateful and does not thank her, she shouldn’t mind it.

Her son arrived after a few days. She was surprised to see he had no bag with him, he bowed and touched her feet as she blessed him. She enquired him about his bag.
“I just had a small bag, mother where I put my wallet. As the journey began I fell asleep on my seat and when I woke up, I found my bag missing. I searched for it everywhere but I couldn’t find the bag, my tickets were in my wallet and I couldn’t show the conductor my ticket. He made me get down there from where I had to walk the rest of the journey. After walking a distance I couldn’t go any further and I sat down in shade of a tree. I had nothing to eat since yesterday and I was so hungry that I couldn’t even walk. I kept sitting there when a man passed a Chapati to me. He had a hunchback, seemed like a beggar himself with torn clothes and a dark mark on his forehead gave me the chapati.”

The woman immediately knew who the hunchback man was.
“I, initially hesitated but he forced me to eat the chapati, ‘Son, I have the habit of living in hunger but you seem weak and in dire need of the chapati than me. So, eat it and be grateful to the person who made it.’ Giving the chapati he went away, I didn’t even get the chance to thank him properly.”
The woman nodded, her heart filled up with emotions, “Go freshen up, I will make something for you to eat, you must still be hungry.”
“Very hungry.”

She smiled as she started making their dinner and suddenly it struck her the meaning of the man words, “The good you do remains with you, the evil you do comes back to you.”
She smiled as she promised herself she would always keep a chapati on the window till her death.

Moral: Your good deeds will always be rewarded by God.

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