Once a group of Egyptologists excavated an ancient mummy in the inner sanctum of a huge pyramid. To their amazement, they also found pots and vessels filled with gold, silver, and dazzling precious stones along with it. The Egyptologists were startled upon their discovery and called their team leader to inform about their findings. The leader was elated and congratulated his team members. After applauding their sincere efforts he gave them strict orders to stay away from the coffin as even a minor damage could have ruined the ancient relic. Hence to preserve the mummy in its original form, the leader advised them to seal the site until the remains of the Mummy were collected by a specially designed artifact-van and brought back to the Archaeological survey headquarters.

The team members immediately came into action and sealed the entire place with conventional yellow tapes. After completing the job, they were exhausted and dozed off to sleep. At midnight, one of them who was sleeping in close proximity to the pyramid was distracted by a commotion originating from inside the inner sanctum. He went inside and couldn’t believe what he saw. A group of thieves with their faces veiled had found their way inside the pyramid. He ran outside and alerted his colleagues at the earliest. They picked up their rifles and ran inside the pyramid to save the Mummy and the treasure.

Upon reaching the inner sanctum they ordered the thieves to surrender and handover their weapons. But as luck may have it, they started shooting haphazardly in the air. While the scientists were taking cover, one of the goons picked up the pot stuffed with gold from the coffin. The Egyptologists asked them to surrender for the last time but to no avail.

Suddenly, the dead Mummy rose out of its coffin and grunted random words in Egyptian language. The poor thieves developed a cold feet and surrendered instantly. The Egyptologists handcuffed all the thieves and called the police. After sending the thieves to their rightful place, the police asked the Egyptologists how were they able to trap the goons and the answer left them bewildered. The Egyptologists revealed that they had installed a 3D Projector underneath the coffin. When the thieves refused to surrender even after repeated warnings, they switched on the projector through a remote control and a hologram of the Mummy erupted out of the coffin, which was enough to scare the wits out of the thieves. 

The police were nonplussed and praised them for their act of bravery. Their story was published across all the national dailies the next day and it became a talk of the town. Soon, writers and poets began writing sensational stories and symphonic poems, directors began directing breath-catching plays and spectacular shows, and game developers began building fascinating games upon the incident. The Egyptologists became famous overnight and started being called in international conferences to share their experience. Thus, they were not only successful in finding a centuries old Mummy but also garnered a lot of respect and money.


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