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“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go” EL Doctorow.

India is a country where you can see a unique blend of tradition, languages, religion, and philosophy in almost all aspects of the daily life, truly earning its name ‘land of spirituality and philosophy’. It is absolutely a fascinating experience to grow up in a diverse country like India, where tales of demi-gods, deities, righteous kings and mind-blowing mystifying wars are handed down from generations to generations.

You might be probably thinking, how this can be of any use in the modern day society? Well at a quick glance several of these books hold the initial blueprint of the modern day administrative policies, management, and training. Recently I recall a discussion with a young friend of mine regarding the recent revolution, which has been introduced by the elite team of new age authors. Just imagine how captivating, it would be if these tales, which have evolved from the fabric of Indian culture are woven out with a modern-day makeover.

Here are some of the best mythological writers in India.

Amish Tripathi

Known for his free thinking and absolutely crazy ideas, Mr. Tripathi is one of the most sought and controversial authors of Indian mythology. With his first novel, the Immortals of Meluha, he has completely given a unique, yet interesting makeover to the older versions of the stories of Shiva. His first novel became an instant hit gaining him popularity all over the country. Forbes India has ranked Amish among the top 100 celebrities in India. The books that followed were equally mesmerizing as well. The Shiva Trilogy comprises of The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of the Nagas and the Oath of the Vayuputras. He has recently released his second installment of the Ramachandra series-Sita the warrior of Mithila, while The Scion of Ikshvaku remains the first. Tripathi’s novels have been translated into almost 18 languages, including Polish, Czech & French.

Devdutt Pattanaik

Nobody might have thought that this ex-health care professional had a literary genius hidden inside him. Formerly a physician, Dr. Devdutt has written 30 books and over 600 articles on various topics including religion, myth, spirituality, and management. He is in no doubt a genius when it comes to expressing modern day problems and providing solutions from the age-old wisdom of the Vedas and traditional ideas. He writes regularly for various magazines and dailies including the Speaking Tree and Mid-Day. After Graduating in medicine, this Mumbai born genius worked in the health care industry for 14 years before following his passion.

Anand Neelakantan

If you thought only Amish was equipped with the genius of serving age-old stories with a modern cocktail, think again. Meet Anand Neelakantan, this engineering graduate is unmistakable an expert to showcase age-old stories with a modern-day framework. His debut novel Asura: Tale of the Vanquished became a surprise bestseller, securing a high rank into the top seller charts within a week of its launch. His second book was a two-part series based on Mahabharata, Ajaya: Roll of the Dice & Ajaya: Rise of Kali.

Anand Neelakantan’s latest book, The Rise of Sivagami, from the Baahubali: Before the Beginning trilogy released on 7 March 2017 offers a treat to the avid lovers of Baahubali film. He is also a well-known writer in Malayalam and a popular cartoonist for various magazines.

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Chitra Banerjee is an award-winning Indian-American author and poet. She is the Betty and Gene McDavid Professor of Writing at the University of Houston Creative Writing Program. She has published several articles in over 50 magazines, including the Atlantic Monthly and The New Yorker. She works for children and young adults are truly a treat for the eyes.

Much of her work is partially autobiographical and most of her stories are set in the Bay Area of California. She has a unique touch in writing about the immigrant experience. In her book The Mistress of Spices, she breaks various myths and stereotypes dissolving boundaries between people of different backgrounds. In her book “The Palace of Illusions” she portrays the Mahabharata as told by Draupadi.

Ashwin Sanghi

Ashwin Sanghi also called as the ‘Dan Brown’ of India hits his readers hard in their mind with his unique creativity and insights he offers to Indian history. In most of his works, we could see a parallel relation between mythological facts and modern-day complexities, silently giving out a subtle message that we too are part of history. In his book Rozabal Line, he gives out a message that the essence of all religions is one and the same. More emphasis is given to feminine power as it nurtures and moulds beyond ethnic and religious dogmas. He has done his best effort in The Krishna Key and Chanakya’s Chant with a touch of history & wild imagination to stand apart from contemporary story-lines. He is one of India’s best-selling conspiracy fiction writers who portray Indian history in a contemporary context.

Kavita Kane

Kavita Kane beautifully portrays mythology with a pinch of feminism and creativity. This journalist turned writer released her debut novel Karna’s Wife in 2013 which turned out to be a best seller. Her unique concept includes storytelling from the point of female characters. Born in Mumbai she holds a post-graduate degree in English Literature and Mass Communication from the University of Pune. In her second novel Sita’s Sister, she highlights one of the most overlooked characters in the Ramayan, Urmila. She has rich experience up her sleeves in working with various media houses including The Times of India, Magna Publications & Daily News, and Analysis.

Anuja Chandramouli

Anuja Chandramouli is a bestselling Indian author and a classical dancer. Her debut novel, Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior-Prince proudly made it to the top 5 books in Indian Writing category by Amazon India. Her best sellers include Kamadeva: The God of Desire and Shakti: The Divine Feminine. Several of her works have been translated into many Indian languages. Her newest books are on Kartikeya, Padmavati, and Prithviraj Chauhan. She used to regularly conduct workshops on Creative Writing, Story Telling and Mythology in schools & colleges helping the students to improve their English and enhance their creativity.

Roopa Pai

Roopa Pai is a journalist and children’s author who has published over 20 books. She is a graduate in engineering who has published over 20 books, which include Taranauts and The Gita for Children which are national best sellers. She adds the fragrance of core Indian spirituality in a way understandable to children and youth. In several of her works, she immerses the concept of Shruti literature and the debate over the origin of Aryas. She guides the readers in her own unique way into the universe of Upanishads and Vedas giving out the silent subtle message of the rishis that This Self is Brahman or Aham Brahmasmi.

Amruta Patil

Amruta Patil is a writer and painter who is known to mold out stories with the realities of the current time and examine them through the political, social and cultural filters. She is the author of graphic novels Kari, Adi Parva: Churning of the Ocean and Sauptik: Blood and Flowers. All her work has a pinch of mythology, history and magical realism adding an awe factor in the mind of her readers. She is an expert in portraying stories through the eyes of lesser-known characters in mythology. In her work Sauptik, she narrates the story through the eyes of Ashwatthama, the great warrior in the Mahabharata, emphasizing our forgotten connection with the forces of nature including rivers, forests, and soil.

Sharath Komarraju

Sharath Komarraju does his charm for both fiction and nonfiction. Known for his creativity and excellent storytelling abilities, Sharath captivates his reader portraying complexities of human emotions and underlying human values. One of his masterpieces is the Hastinapur series, where he speaks into the silences of the Mahabharata story through the lesser known female characters adding a unique touch in the mind of the readers. His debut novel Murder in Amaravati was long listed for the Commonwealth Book Prize.

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