Top 10 Moral Story Writers in India | Top 10

There are many moral story writers in the country. But, there are a few names, which come to our minds instantly. Their works always leaves an impression on our minds and make our lives richer! Let us look at some well-known names.


All of us have surely heard of him and his famous book – Malgudi Days. With stories on very relatable topics like neighborhood, cousins, family, he sure keeps his readers glued! Be it lessons on kindness, independence, hope, courage, you surely are encouraged, when you read some of his other works like; The Watchman, Like The Sun, etc.

Sudha Murthy

We have surely heard of her husband, Narayan Murthy, the man behind Infosys. Mrs. Sudha Murthy is one of the top moral writers who encourages us with topics like selfless love, courage , generosity, among other things. Enjoy reading her works like – My Grandma’s Bag of Stories, Gently falls the Bakula, Wise and Otherwise, Mahashweta, etc.

Vishnu Sharma

This is a name, all of us have grown up with! Yes, am talking about The Panchatantra! The author uses animal parables, to illustrate human virtues and vices. The Panchatantra has a series of books, each teaching us life changing lessons.

Ruskin Bond

Talk of Mussoorie and you cannot miss mentioning him! He doesn’t fail to impress us with his works like The Cherry Tree, The Tiger in the Tunnel and many others. His stories instill values of courage and persistence in the readers.


Munshi Premchand’s work covers a range of lessons for the readers. Teaching readers values like friendship, sacrifice, love, etc, is sure to strike a chord with readers. All his stories portray complicated human emotions. Some of his works include Kafan, Do Bailon ki Katha, Eidgaah, among others.

Radhakrishnan Pillai

Having done amazing work on lessons of wisdom, leadership, welfare, the author has lots of lessons to offer! Katha Chanakya, Chanakya in You, are some of his works, which help imbibe leadership values.

Shubha Vilas

A motivational speaker by profession, Shubha Vilas has done insightful work on human values like trust, patience, wisdom. His books are a sure delight! The chronicles of Hanuman, Ramayana- The Game of Life, are a few must reads, among others.

Subhadra Sengupta

This author writes primarily for children. The main focus of her work is  the use of mythological narratives. Her works help children understand virtues like ambition, greed, among other things.

Gaur Gopal Das

A spiritual leader and a motivational speaker, Gaur Gopal Das, is an inspiring author. His works give away lessons on forgiveness, judgement bias, positive attitude, among many other virtues. Do read his work, Life’s Amazing secrets- How to find balance and purpose in Life, to be encouraged.

Robin Sharma

One of India’s leadership coach, Robin Sharma has written on some lessons like perseverance, patience, courage and many more. His works like The Monk who sold his Ferrari, Who will Cry When you Die, are sure shot  reads!

So what are you waiting for, grab your copies of these books and be ready to transform your Life!

-Sumedha Suhail Mathur

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