You Reap what you Sow | Moral Story

“Monitor the class, Rajat. Your math teacher is on leave today,” The class teacher informed him and left for a meeting with the Principal.

As Rajat went to stand on the dais, other students groaned. They knew he was very strict and punished anyone who made noise. Some of them looked at Shivansh, who was also the class monitor.

“Teacher should have asked Shivansh to mind the class,” A girl whispered to her friends. They nodded with sad faces. Shivansh did not punish his friends when they made noise.

“Piya, please don’t talk. We have an English test tomorrow. You should study for it,” Rajat announced. He wished they would get some time to study as well. Studying in class 10, he felt they should study properly and score good marks.

But, some of the students began to giggle and make noise. Rajat wrote down their names and punished them according to the rules. The class monitors were given prior instructions for such situations. One by one every student in the class became a friend of Shivansh. They preferred him over Rajat as the class monitor. They thought, what was the use of being a class monitor’s friend if he continued to punish them for disturbing the class? Still, the teachers asked Rajat to monitor the class most of the times. They decided to do something about it once and for all.

“We should get Rajat removed as the class monitor.” One boy said.
“But, how? We can’t tell the teacher.” Another asked.
“Don’t worry, I have an idea,” Shivansh said. He was glad that he would be the only class monitor after Rajat got removed. So, during a lunch break when Rajat went to the washroom, they stole the attendance register and hid it in his bag. The poor boy had no idea what happened during his absence. When the class began after the lunch break, the teacher could not find the register. She searched the desk in vain. Finally, she asked who was responsible for the mischief.

When no one answered, she asked Shivansh. He sat on the first bench. “Tell me, Shivansh. Do you know who took the attendance register?”
The boy pointed towards Rajat. Taking it as a hint, every other student also indicated that Rajat was responsible.
“No, ma’am. I did not do it.” Rajat told her. But, to his dismay, the register was found in his bag when the teacher searched for it. He was shocked.
She was furious and did not listen to him. Taking him to the Principal, the teacher explained the situation. The Principal asked the teacher about Rajat’s past performance.

She was stunned when the teacher told her that Rajat was a meritorious student. He excelled and came first in all subjects. He was very good at sports and never bunked a class. The Principal immediately understood something was amiss. She decided to investigate the matter further. But how, she was still not sure.

Luckily, the next day, there was a meeting with the class monitors. The Principal called both Rajat and Shivansh to her cabin after the lunch break.
“Tell me, boys. Tell me about your classmates. Who listens after the first warning? Who are the regular mischief makers? Also, how is the overall performance? Do you boys keep track of it well?” The Principal asked.
Rajat nodded immediately. He took out his small notebook and answered her questions in detail. Shivansh, on the other hand, could not tell her anything. He never bothered to take notes. He always let his friends do as they liked.

The Principal compared Rajat’s notes with the class teacher’s observations. She was amazed to notice that both the notes matched to a large extent. She immediately understood what could have happened and called for a collective meeting with the 10th class students.
After one hour, the students confessed that they were responsible for hiding the attendance register in Rajat’s bag.

“We… thought he would be removed from the class monitor’s post,” A boy whispered lowering his eyes. They also confessed that they became friends with Shivansh so that he would not punish them. The angry Principal warned them that they will have to face severe punishment if such a mistake was repeated.

“Now, all of you apologize to Rajat.” She ordered. They did, fearing the punishment. Then, Shivansh was removed from the class monitor’s post.

“What you did was wrong, Shivansh. We can never make you the class monitor again. You are not responsible enough to handle it,” The Principal declared.


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