Building fruitful associations and helping others to attain what they want is the best way to succeed | Moral Story

Once upon a time, there were two doors named Happy and Grumpy. They stood facing each other across the big hall. Behind each door were identical rooms. The doors too were the same, except for the smile on Happy’s face and a frown on Grumpy’s face.

Each time a person tried to pass through Happy, it would move silently, without making even a tiny sound. People would marvel at the oiled hinges and the smooth touch of Happy.

On the other hand, Grumpy would creak loudly and protest as it was forced to move from its place. The sound would irritate people. The more irritated they’d get, the greater the force they would apply to open the door. That would make Grumpy even angrier. It would halt midway and refuse to move.

Happy though continued to be obedient. It would open and close softly on its own accord. It had knobs on both sides. The knobs too would be neat and well oiled. Also, Happy would make sure whoever entered was not disturbed by the outside sounds. Children slept peacefully as Happy blocked shrieks of the loud horns.

People talked, prayed, relaxed without being bothered by anything. Some of them started celebrating birthdays in the room behind Happy. It made Happy so happy that it would automatically stick to decorations and balloons to itself. A few couples proposed to each other as Happy looked on. They kissed Happy too, and considered it a good omen.

Meanwhile, Grumpy turned nasty. It made rude sounds and started hurting people. The knobs would be jammed. There were times when a few people got their fingers crushed when opening Grumpy. They would cry in pain. It only made the door ruthless. No one could enter the room behind Grumpy without being hurt by the door. Sometimes, not even then.
Slowly, people realized they were better not using Grumpy. “We don’t need that room. The room behind our door, Happy, is enough for us.” They echoed.

As years passed, Happy gleamed in bright colors. People painted it with the colors of their choice. Happy was sometimes green, sometimes pink, yellow at times and purple for a few months. Once a batch of naughty children painted Happy in rainbow colors and drew clouds on it. Happy beamed with pride. Yet, the door did not disrespect the people who loved it. In fact, Happy’s love for people bloomed just as their love for it doubled and tripled.

During all this time, Grumpy glared at Happy. It was furious to see that people were not bothered about it anymore. The paint began to peel. The hinges turned rusty. No one cared as Grumpy wailed trying to get their attention. The pictures people took with Happy made the door famous across the world. The Archaeological department decided to care for Happy’s well-being and declared it as a monument of supreme importance. It soon became the eighth wonder of the world while Grumpy rusted to a slow death all alone.

Moral: Building fruitful associations and helping others to attain what they want is the best way to succeed.

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