A Man is what he believes | Moral Story

The story is about two friends Jayesh & Suresh. From an early age, their childhood dream was to try parachuting one day. They decided to pursue their dream after finishing college. Jayesh was a very confident and adventurous person by nature. He meditated every morning to keep his mind calm and focused on his aims and goals. His dream was to become the greatest parachutist in the world and start-up his own company whereas Suresh was of a different kind. He was not very confident and never tried anything new in his life. Despite different personalities, they were best of friends!

Once it so happened that they got an opportunity to visit Switzerland to take a course on parachuting. Once they landed in Switzerland, Jayesh wasted no time and put his heart and soul to learn the principles from the coach. On the other hand, Suresh was very scared and paranoid about jumping out of an aircraft. In Switzerland, Suresh saw imminent death, while Jayesh saw a business opportunity.

After a quick training session, finally, the moment of jumping out of an aircraft came. Jayesh was curious as well as excited about his jump and took a camera to record his jump. Suresh on the other hand had butterflies in his stomach, and as he prepared for the jump he kept praying to God.

On the other hand, Jayesh was thinking about his perfect landing, sharing the video on social media, and living his childhood dream. The coach briefed the two friends about the jump before the plane took off with Jayesh, Suresh, and the trainer. Soon the aircraft soared high and reached a height of 1000 feet, and the doors opened to the clear blue skies!

Finally, it was time to jump out of the plane, Suresh froze in his spot. Beads of sweat began to form on his forehead and he looked like a ghost who had just seen his own death in front of his eyes. Fear took over and he also began to feel nauseous.

On the other hand, Jayesh had total confidence in himself, his coach and his training! All he saw was his childhood dream close to fruition. Wasting no time, he allowed his coach to strap him and off they plummeted out of the plane. The wind billowed in their faces, and sent waves of joy through Jayesh!

Jayesh and his coach formed various shapes in the air such as Formation Diving or Belly Diving. Jayesh was amazed to see the mesmerizing views of the land from up above in the sky. The euphoric air ride lasted a good 15 minutes; and they finally landed on the ground. After the safe landing, Jayesh hugged his coach, and he was very happy to achieve his childhood dream! He could not wait to watch and share the video of his air journey recorded on camera which was attached to his headgear.

He uploaded his video on YouTube and became famous with millions of views. Jayesh was so inspired by the dive that he began planning his own start-up. After a discussion with family and friends. He finally registered his company.

Within two years, he had loads of clients and was living his dream. On the other hand, Suresh was unable to win over his fears and achieve his goals. He couldn’t do anything and lost the opportunity to follow his dream.

Moral: A man is what he believes

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