People who succeed do not have fewer problems than people who fail. The only people without problems are those in cemeteries | Moral Story

A long time ago, there was a King named Hardik. He was an ambitious man who wished to conquer the world. He hired the best trainers to teach him all the required skills. Once assured, he started by raiding the kingdoms and conquering them. Some, he won by fighting the war. Others, he used his intelligence to negotiate deals with the kings. In due course, King Hardik conquered the entire world.

One day, the couple strolled through the forest enjoying the beauty of nature. “I’m tired and thirsty.” The Queen murmured.

They searched and found a Hermitage. They went inside hoping to get some water. The residents greeted them. As it was already turning dark, the dwellers asked them to stay back for the night. The King and Queen woke up the next morning feeling refreshed.

“Let’s walk around.” The Queen said. Draped in gold, diamonds, and platinum a cow sparkled. “I want that cow, dear.” She said. The King decided he would get the cow for her. When they went towards it, the dwellers rushed and objected.

“You cannot take it, King.” After a small argument, the King asked to meet sage Palaketu who was the head of the Hermitage. An old man with a big white beard and long matted hair arrived. Sage Palaketu greeted the King and sat on the ground.

King Hardik spoke. “I own the entire earth. This cow should belong to me.” Sage Palaketu gave a small laugh. “No.” The King was enraged. He attacked the sage. To his shock, the sword broke as soon as it touched sage Palaketu’s body. The King went to his palace and returned with an army. The attack too failed as all his soldiers were defeated. The arrows aimed at the sage turned into flowers. The King felt humiliated. His only ambition was to defeat the sage. Denouncing his kingdom, he went into the forest to meditate.

For a decade he did nothing but pray to God. Impressed by his dedication, God decided to bless the King with a boon.

“I want to defeat Sage Palaketu.” King Hardik requested. “You will get what you need the most.” God blessed him.

The King immediately rushed towards the Hermitage. He noticed that everything around him changed in the last decade, except the Hermitage.

“Welcome. Should I call you King Hardik or sage Hardik?” Sage Palaketu asked. It made the King think. He had everything he wanted before he saw the embellished cow. He was confused about his own behavior. Finally, the King bowed down to the sage. “I realize that succeeding doesn’t mean I have the right to snatch what belongs to others. I apologize,” He said. Sage Palaketu smiled. “People who succeed will have to face problems to win. Some choose the wrong and destructive way. You were a good man until power made you arrogant. I’m impressed by this change in you. Take the cow as a gift.” The humbled King went with the cow to meet his Queen.

Moral: People who succeed do not have fewer problems than people who fail. The only people without problems are those in cemeteries.

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