Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha | Book Review


“Women and the Weight loss Tamasha” is a very insightful book and something that is much needed by women of today. Rujuta starts the book with the story of an incident that she had come across during her visit to the Sipti Valley in the small village of Demul. Here she sees drunk men being driven on horsebacks by women. This incident makes her realize the strength that women possess within themselves and how women are stuck with petty issues like weightloss due to the lask of self-love.

Coming back to her practice of being a dietician, Rutuja provides a varied analysis of why women put on weight after marriage. She begins by saying that when men visit her, the entire family accompanies them for support; however when a woman comes for a diet, she is all alone. Starting with this she is able to provide an insight that when it comes to women the concept of weight loss is no longer the simple logic of calories in and calories out. There is a lot more that is required for weight loss in women.

One of the main reasons for weight gain in women has to deal with the hormonal changes during different stages of her life. Blaming weight on the fact that you are suffering from diseases like hypothyroid and PCOS, is wrong. It’s mainly the way women in India are brought up. They carry a lot of social, emotional and physiological baggage, which often goes unnoticed. This baggage is the main reason for the weight gain that women experience. To add to this baggage, women are made to believe that if they lose the excess weight they will gain back the love and acceptance, which they have lost. This further leads to crash dieting and excessive workouts without understanding the science behind weight loss.

Through this book, Rujuta through the interactions with her myriad clients and various situations, she tries and explains the various reasons that why sometimes more than dieting and exercising, it is more important to fix the mental image that a woman has of herself and the importance of self-love. She makes a very nice statement when she says that “Use your body like a ‘single hand-driven Parsi-owned car” which means that we need to treat our bodies responsibly. The process of taking care of ourselves starts with loving ourselves unconditionally and accepting the way we are without confining ourselves to the changing number on the weighing scale.

“Women and the weight loss Tamasha” is in the right sense on understanding and decoding the various reasons for weight gain and then achieving weight loss and self-acceptance in the right way. This book is a celebration of feminism and questions the very belief that leads to women driving their lives just for the sake of the numbers on the weighing scale.

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