When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Lemonade | Moral Story

Souric was a big consulting company which employed more than a thousand people. The employees were hard working. They worked tirelessly during the weekdays and partied during the weekends. Souric organized yoga and motivational classes for the employees to relax and have a healthy body and mind.
But, the company had a flaw in its policies. Unlike the other companies, Souric refused to give their employees relieving letters in a month when an employee resigned. The company heads had an ulterior motive. They did not want any of their employees to leave the company.

Employees could not join any other consultancy without a relieving letter from the previous company. But, delaying the letter for two months, Souric ensured no employee dared to leave the company. And even if they did, they would not get a job elsewhere with the letter.
To add to it, the company heads stopped the commission they were paying the employees. This irked many employees. They wouldn’t get a job as most company offer letters included a clause that the employee would have to produce the relieving letter within a month. They decided and resigned at once hoping the company would retract the decision. But, it did not happen. They were left with no jobs and no income.

Then, they filed a case against Souric in the court. The chairman used his wealth to hire an expensive lawyer who fought the case for him. The result was that the employees lost the case. They got neither their jobs nor the accumulated commission amount.
They were dejected but refused to give up. After brainstorming various ideas, they pooled all their finances and started a new consulting company.

The group of friends knew it was risky, but they were determined to start a new company where employees would be treated with respect. They called the new company, Careet. Deciding they would never follow corrupt practices, they gave commissions regularly. They gave the relieving letters in time and never troubled their employees. In fact, they even came up with a great idea of offering a one-month free salary for those who did not get the relieving letter on time from the previous employers.

The news soon caught up like wildfire. Many unhappy employees from other companies came to work at Careet. It was a blessing for employees who wanted to exit a company but could not. Almost all the tortured employees left Souric and chose Careet. They worked hard and enjoyed the benefits. In a few months, Careet expanded and became a number one company in the corporate while Souric faced losses and had to shut down completely.

All this was possible because the group of friends did not lose hope or accept their fate. They fought hard and made a name for themselves in the corporate world. They also continued to take care of their employees that treated them well.

Moral: When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade

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