The more we believe we can accomplish something, the more we’re usually willing to invest in its achievement | Moral Story

Once upon a time, there were two friends Amit and Kalpesh. They wanted to start an entertainment company. Amit, a pessimistic person, was worried about the hurdles they would face or the losses they would incur. He pointed out flaws in their plan. Kalpesh, on the other hand, was optimistic. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but was determined to make it work. He believed that success would eventually come if they worked hard.

On the first day of their new project, the motorbike on which they were traveling to the film studio had a punctured tyre. They were delayed. Amit said it was a bad omen. Kalpesh didn’t agree. He knew such things happened to everyone.

As luck would have it, they parked the motorbike in the no-parking zone and got fined. Amit started to believe that the Gods were sending them signals against investing in the entertainment world. Kalpesh waved it off.

The day turned for the worse when the selected lead actor left saying he got a better paying offer. Amit repeated his warning that the cosmos were telling them to stop.

“Let’s end this here.” Amit insisted.
Kalpesh was adamant. He did not budge from his stance. He convinced Amit that such incidents will happen. They finally decided to conduct a screen test for a new set of actors.
The next day was spent on screening actors and selecting them. The lead actors were finalized. But, there was a deluge in the city. Their film set was washed away. Everything was in ruins. This was the final straw for Amit. Being a pessimist, he decided he would not continue in the industry. He did not want to lose his hard earned money.

“I’m done, Kalpesh. If you want to continue, do it alone.” Amit walked away.

Kalpesh was prepared. He pooled all his resources and started from scratch. Step by step, he worked his way through the entertainment industry. From rebuilding the sets to casting new actors, he did it all. For an entire year, he worked day and night to finish his masterpiece. But, his struggle wasn’t over yet. There were no distributors in the market for his film. He was new, and many weren’t sure.

After talking to a lot of people, Kalpesh found some willing distributors. Striking a beneficial deal was another hurdle. That too, he passed successfully with grit and determination.

Then, the film was released in the theaters. It was a great success. Kalpesh became famous. Television channels wanted interviews with him. The public praised him for his talent. With such popularity, the film won critical acclaim along with a lot of awards.

The film was released worldwide. Kalpesh became a millionaire. He was a famous man in the town. Some called it an overnight success. Kalpesh knew it actually was a result of his unrelenting hard work and his belief in himself. It was because of his optimism that he got what he wanted in life.

Moral: The more we believe we can accomplish something, the more we’re usually willing to invest in its achievement.

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