The road to success is always under construction | Moral Story

Once upon a time, a king had two sons, Rajnish and Rajat. Before passing away the old king divided his property equally among the brothers. Rajnish ruled the Western side of the empire while Rajat ruled the Eastern side.

Rajnish was happy with the way things were in the kingdom. He wasn’t bothered about improving the conditions of the place. He did not invest in R&D or create new policies to lure investors. He did not even think about changing the regressive customs in the kingdom. There were religious tensions, oppression, and violence.

Rajnish did not care much. He followed the age-old punishments when he wanted to. None of the citizens were happy under his rule. Even the friends of his father were disappointed with his lack of interest and response.

The army too suffered under his rule. It never occurred to him to replace the old and rustic weapons. The advancement in science and technology had no impact in his kingdom as it never reached any of the public. He was happy with how things were, no matter what happened. Rajnish did not find it necessary to be connected with the outer world. He was lazy and complacent.

Rajat, on the other hand, was the total opposite of his brother. He maintained good contacts with the friendly kings. He invited them for dinners and encouraged other kings to come as well. He conducted cultural exchange programs and changed the rigid social system in society. If there was any kind of a disturbance, he ensured that the guilty was severely punished. It made the public maintain discipline. They did not indulge in wrong practices.

Rajat talked to a lot of people who gave him many ideas. He implemented whatever he thought would be beneficial for the kingdom. He invested in R&D and created avenues of employment. He also sent his troops to other kingdoms when they asked for his help. He slashed the import prices to increase trade and commerce.

Most importantly, Rajat made sure his kingdom was protected from all sides. He built new military outposts and provided the latest equipment to the army personnel. He kept track of all the activities to have prior information if any king was planning an attack.

None of his enemies dared to attack him. But Rajnish was an easy target. His negligence resulted in his kingdom being invaded by the neighboring King. Not knowing what to do, Rajnish went to Rajat and asked for help. As a brother, Rajat knew his responsibilities. He sent his army to Rajnish’s kingdom to defeat the invaders.

After a few days of the war, his army overpowered the king and recaptured the kingdom. Rajat went to the kingdom and installed Ranjish as the king again. He became a mentor to his brother, advising him about decision making and teaching him administration skills. Rajat explained that success was not a one-time thing. He said that one had to work every day to stay successful.

When a person gets satisfied with what they have, there would be no chance for improvement or growth. The world is constantly changing and one needs to be alert and continuously working to be updated with the changes. A person cannot take it for granted that their success on day one will stay with them forever. When someone else works hard, success will automatically go to them. To stay successful in life, one has to be keep working and finding new ways to stay on the track. As the elders said, the road to success is always under construction.

Moral: The road to success is always under construction

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