Your Expectations should not be higher than your Work ethics | Moral Story

Evolution has been the most authentic part of creation. Whether it’s God’s creation or Human being’s, every creation has evolved for its better version. Just like human being has crossed infinite evolutions in the course of time with an intension to be fine tuned and perfect similarly the most enigmatic creation of human being has also come across equally infinite modifications to be presented in the form of its most updated version.

Laptops are the sleek version of a computer which has brought the whole world in the laps of human being. Laptops are the best friend of modern man and so they have been Christened as a part and parcel of human life. The research process of making the best version of a laptop ended in creating a masterpiece laptop which was nothing less than incredible and magnificent as it was loaded with the best technologies. This laptop was named Technobliss.

Technobliss had all those features which made it the best. It had the best inbuilt processor which made the processing of functions very rapid, it had a big, white and gleaming LED screen which made the view of pictures lively and real. Besides this, it was infused with various other technicalities which made the job of a computer professional easy and comfortable as it had an ergonomic keyboard which were a delight for the users hand because they didn’t get tired even after hours of typing. Technobliss also possessed agile buttons which gave buttery experience while typing. The icing on the top was its adaptability with customers of various origins as it had the facility to switch to any.

The list doesn’t end here. It was also very easily carried from one place to another due to its light weight and the battery also was infused with high longevity. These reasons were more than enough for the users to fall in love with Technobliss and within a blink of an eye it was accepted with open arms by the users.

On the other hand, there was another laptop which was technically not as perfect as Technobliss and had its share of flaws and limitations. This laptop was named Memobliss. It possessed the ordinary coloured screen which failed to give the real like image effect, it’s second lacuna was its rigidity of language as it was a English language friendly interface so it failed to draw the affection of non English speaking native users. And so with all this imperfections it couldn’t catch the eyes of the users. Due to the inconveniences attached with the usage of Memobliss, people accepted Technobliss with open arms and this paved a way for pride and superiority complex in Technobliss. Technobliss knew that it was the only option for the users as it became the first preference for engineers, musicians, gamers and so on. While Technobliss was enjoying all possible popularity Memobliss remained just an unused antique.

With course of time, Technobliss developed overconfidence and was sure that people would no longer use Memobliss and thus developed the “Numero Uno” attitude. This newly inculcated pride made Technobliss a brat and it started showing attitude and throwing tantrums. Its overconfidence snatched away the sense of obedience from it and it turned a rebel defying all the instructions given to it by its users. It now took a long time to get started and sometimes it deliberately refused to start at all. The musician who fell in love with its novel features became a victim of its miscreant activities as Technobliss deleted the notes he composed and along with that delivered inferior quality of music. Moreover, whenever the musician instructed Technobliss to play soft music, it deviated the instructions and played loud rock music. The second victim of its miscreant activities was the soft hearted creative writer, who took the help of Technobliss to pen down his words in form of a novel. Technobliss changed the words and also deleted some words which caused a great damage to the quality of the novel. It also deleted paragraphs and harassed the Writer.

Technobliss didn’t spare its other users too. The coder was in hot soup when he found the code he created for his office project was replaced automatically making him an object of mockery in front of his colleagues during an ongoing presentation.
Technobliss was equally mean with the innocent gamer whose only motive was to play games in the laptop. The gamer was tremendously upset when Technobliss removed all the screenshots he shared with his national and international friends leaving him clueless about his score in the games. The audacity of Technobliss touched the limit when it didn’t even spare the Scientist who was of international fame. Technobliss spilled milk on the project of the scientist by misinterpreting data and thus providing fallacious theory. This wrong information misguided the scientist and his project was rejected in international scenario for being erroneous.

At last, the faithful users of Technobliss – the musician, the writer, the coder ,the gamer and the scientist were tired with this devilish attitude of Technobliss and decided to take stern action against it .They replaced the efficient spare parts of Technobliss with Memobliss. Thus, Memobliss became as efficient as Technobliss and got updated. It became the best version along with its natural attributes such as humbleness and obedience. Within no time Memobliss won the hearts of its users and Technobliss was dispersed just like an ordinary scrap.

MORAL: Your Expectations should not be higher than your Work ethics.

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