10 ways to live up every single promise you make!!!


“We must not promise what we ought not, lest we are called on to perform what he cannot” Abraham Lincoln A promise is all about commitments. How you handle it and deliver on it defines what you are. The way you handle your promises speaks volumes about your persona. If we take a holistic stock of the situation, human life and its success are all about making promises and keeping them. Look at it like this, Bring any successful person or for that matter any utter failure that you know of. There would be a common denominator to their fate. Yes! Its how they kept or forsake their promises. I don’t think you need to be told that keeping promises is the single best habit which can make you grow. Anyways we would be discussing here some pointers on how to keep every single promise you make to anyone.

#1 Take stock of the situation before you open your mouth.

Making a promise can often be a knee jerk reaction for quite a few. Majority of the people who make a promise before they take stock of the situation soon lose their reputation and relationships. Before you commit on anything, just take a closer look where you stand, how busy you are or even how resourceful you are feeling. If you have done your mental math right and you know that the thing can be done, then go ahead make a promise. If you cannot deliver then simply say ‘NO”. It’s better to say no and live another day to make and deliver on a new promise.

#2 Never have the feeling of guilt

At times, even after doing your math you might not be able to keep your promise. It happens, destiny plays some cruel games with everyone. Situations and circumstances do change and can be beyond our control. The important point to understand here is that It’s Ok!, No need to sulk or feel guilty about it. Accept the situation, reason with it and move on. Doing this will empower and motivate you to become a person who always keeps his promises.

#3 Liar Liar Pants on Fire Lying never helps anywhere.

Maybe it will get you out of a sticky situation temporarily but eventually, people would know that you lie. If you want to live up to every promise you make, then this negative trait has to go. Lying is the biggest enemy of commitments. Lying shows that you are a person who wants to run away from reality. You never want to step out of your comfort zone and in fact would protect it by harmful practices. Liars can never become a person of trust. So, just get rid of this habit.

#4 Send the right vibes

People around you should always have good vibes about you. The mannerism and behavior which you exhibit will define you as a person who would keep his promises. Keep good company. The company you keep will go a long way in establishing trust relationships. A good company also means good habits and truthfulness. If you are a person true to your word, then you will be the person who would keep his promise.

#5 Be Organized

Living up to your promise is all about being organized. An organized person is often seen to be the one who knows where he stands. He knows his limitations and strengths. He has time to think and react. If you want to live up every single promise you make, start from being organized.

#6 Understand Expectations

Expectations are a huge thing. You need to understand them at a wider level. Before making a promise, make a sincere attempt at understanding what levels of expectations other person has from you. At times you might ignore this part and land up in situations where expectations would take its toll. Either you won’t be able to keep your promise, or you would pay a heavy price to live up to it. Hence always check the depth of waters before taking the plunge.

#7 Seek the Explanation

Motivation is the key to living up to the promises. You need to be well informed on the “Why”. You should know why you want to keep the promise you just made. For that to happen you have to seek an explanation from the person asking for your commitment and, you must also pacify your own inner self on the fact that whatever you are doing is right and needs to be done. Do this and you will always live up every single promise you make.

#8 Know the consequences

Fear is a great motivator and a great taskmaster. Know that if you constantly fail on keeping your promises. Soon there would be clouds of trouble and shades of doubts everywhere. You will be frowned upon. People will not trust you and paint a very negative picture of you. That’s not a good thing Right!. Make conscious efforts for delivering your part.

#9 Keep Time Wasters At Bay

Not everyone deserves to be your partaker of kindness. Be wary of the true intentions of those who seek help from you. People are manipulative at times to meet their own ends. Such persons are time vampires, they would waste your time and energy on frugal matters. Keep them away at all costs, soon you would see that you can now live up to the promises you make.

#10 Know the rewards

There is a reward for every promise you keep. Remember this, no act of kindness or help ever goes waste. The universe will always reward you for good deeds. Let this be a motivation. Living up to the promises you make establishes trust in those around you. It will boost your personal standings to the next level.

Remember every time you make a promise, it’s your personal honor at stake. Making promises is a dual-edged sword, it can cut the negative or it can cut you in the process. Just follow our advice above and you should do fine.

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