Top 10 Mind-Blowing Android games in 2019


Year after year mobile phones are becoming powerful. It’s no longer a device which was merely used for voice calls and texts. The advancements in mobile hardware and software have reached a point where the smartphone that you are holding in your hands might be more powerful than your laptop.

Smartphones are powerful devices, such power needs utility. That utility comes in the form of mobile games. Android has really kick-started a game development war and this is one war which we all are loving. The Google play store is full of games of varied kinds. Gets kind of confusing at times. That’s why we present the Top 10 Mind-Blowing Android Games in 2019 to shed the confusion and pave way for some awesome gaming time.

#1.Cyber Hunter

Trending No 1 on google play store. This game is produced by NetEase games and is a great alternative for PUBG & Battle Royale lovers. If you are into action survival games, then this title will surely blow your mind away. The graphics and transition, as well as the story line, is at a different level. Nothing to hate all to love. Just download and dive into another awesome gaming world.

#2. FPS Battle 2019

No 2 on Google play store trends. This is another battle game which will set its charges on your mind. Perfect for those who love first shooter games. The graphics are great and its all about military style action. Feeling like a jarhead lately, just download and live your fantasy. 30+ in-game team size is all but possible in this game.

#3. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

A sports game developed by Jetsynthesis Inc. As the name suggests its a cricket game featuring the legend Sachin Tendulkar. No points for guessing, that its a rave in Indian mobile gaming circles. Players love its graphics and overall appeal. A must-have game for cricket lovers out there.

#4. Evoland 1

Looking for a neo-modern puzzle game to play on your android based smartphone. Evoland 1 is surely going to leave you amazed. A combination of retro puzzle and modern graphics. This is one game which no puzzle lover should miss.

#5 Qureka: Live Trivia Show & Brain Games | Win Cash

Love Quiz and flexing your grey muscles. Well, this one is for the smart gamers out there. The interface is neat and the best part is that you get to win cash prizes too. Currently trending at the 4th slot on play store. This amazing game is developed by CoolBoots Media. Hoping to see some more such engaging games from them in the near future.

#6 Temple Run 2

Guess this mobile game title needs no introduction. Well almost all of us know about the original temple run, now we have Temple Run 2 smashing the records. A fun thrill and adventure game with a simple interface. This game is also marked as editors choice on play store. So, go on download and start playing. It’s really fun!

#7 MPL- Pool, Carrom, Fantasy Cricket & More

MPL stands for mobile premier league. It’s grossing at #1 slot on top free mobile games on Google Play Store. A fun casual game with lots of fan following. What’s more, there is also cash prizes to be won here too. Don’t wait! Download and check it out for yourself. It’s like having many games under one roof. Just try it!

#8 Alto’s Odyssey

This one is from Noodlecake Studios Inc, now these guys are known for creating stunners. Don’t believe us, just download this game and see for yourself. It’s an action-packed game with real stunning visuals and graphics. A must play game for those who love action with amazing visuals and a powerful storyline.

#9 Chilli Snow

Chilli Snow is a fun game from the house of Acid Cousins. It’s a game with lots of whites. Yes, you heard it right! if you love arcade style gaming, then this is as good as it gets. Simple, clean and intuitive design elements will really leave you amazed. Try it once, we are sure you will love it.

#10 Super Stickman Golf

Love golf and don’t have time to hit the course, well here is the next best alternative. This game is as revered as angry birds. Get the picture. Download and check it out yourself. Amazing graphics and neat interface. This game from Noodlecake will surely leave you glued to your smartphone for hours together.

This was our list of Top 10 Mind-Blowing Android Games in 2019 which you must try out. Feel free to leave a comment in case we have missed on something.

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