10 facts about Matsya Avatar that you never knew

The Hindu Trimurti is formed with the involvement of Brahma (creator), Shiva (destroyer) and Vishnu (protector). Here, Lord Vishnu is one of the male Hindu deities who is known to have 10 forms of incarnations in his life, which he took to save the earth, whenever there was any turmoil. All the avatars had the very same motto and purpose, and that was nothing but to restore Dharma and save people from the evil.

Matsya is known to be his first incarnation and it is a half fish and half human form of Vishnu in Hinduism. Legends have it that in the Satapatha Brahmana, when floods battered the kingdom, it was Lord Vishnu’s Matsya Avatar that helped to save their lives, livestock and flowers and plants along with the pious man on earth. Let us find out the story and know the unknown Matsya avatar.

# Matsya avatar is the very first among the remaining ten different incarnations of Lord Vishnu. You might have come across different versions of the story, the highly appreciated and acknowledged one comes from Bhagavata Purana. According to the story, Lord Mahavishnu is the Matsya to assure the continuance and growth of life on the planet. After the surpassing floods and further to protect the Vedas and holy texts from Hayagriva (demon), Matsya took charge of the whole situation.

# Do you know about the background of Matsya avatar? There was a kingdom in the southern part of Bharata who had a demon called Hayagriva. His face was like a horse and he was responsible to steal the sacred Vedas from Brahma. After stealing the Vedas the demon disappeared into the oceans. Interestingly, at that very point a king named Satyavrata or Manu was ruling in the southern state.

# One day, when Manu was strolling near the river Krithamala after his morning prayer, he came near the river and wanted to take some water. The moment he put his hands on the water, he saw a tiny fish in his palms. He felt like dropping it back in the river, but to his utter shock, the fish pleaded him to save him from the water. The King accepted the request and took him along. Later, he placed him in a vessel filled with water.

# However, the fish was growing in a abnormal way, it was unnaturally increasing in size and the king was unable to keep it in a small vessel. Finally, he was transferred to a nearby pond and then to the Ganges. Eventually the fish grew in the ocean and thanked the King for saving his life.

# After sometime, the fish revealed its real avatar and Lord Vishnu was visible, with the body posture of half fish and half man. This is Lord Vishnu’s Matsya avatar, and he came to warn the king of the deluge that was going to take place in seven days and destroy everything in his kingdom.

# The Matsya described Manu that when Kali yuga will end, the evil will come out from the bottom of the big ocean and release poisonous fire everywhere. It will burn the entire planet. Moreover, the 7 clouds of doomsday will engulf the earth with floods and make the entire universe a single ocean.

# After this, Matsya advised Manu to collect all the valuable seeds, flora and fauna and asl all the seven sages to be present with their belongings along with serpent Vasuki and leave the place to travel to the next yuga.

#When flood approached, Manu’s ark was finished. Floods came all over the land, therefore, Manu asked Vishnu about why humanity met with such deadly fate. The answer to this according to Matsya was that, as Manu was the single right man alive plus he had the potential to become the father of the prospective generations of humankind, he was supposed to be killed by the evil.

# The Matsya avatar travelled with everyone and safely took them to the top of the Himalayas. Matsya tied the ship with his snake called Vasuki and managed to save everyone from the deadly wrath of floods. Before the voyage he managed to kill Hayagriva and recovered the sacred Vedas to return it to Brahma.

# After reaching Himalayas, all the seeds that were brought were gathered and planted on the earth for new cultivation and vegetation. Fulfilling the responsibility of being a protector, Matsya avatar of Lord Vishnu. Matsya gave a new life and civilization again dawned upon Manu and his people.

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