Unity conquers everything

A long time ago in a deep forest, lived hundreds of animals. They were diverse in looks as well as in behaviour. Some were tall enough like a giraffe to reach to the longest of the tree branches, some were docile like deer, some were ferocious like a tiger and some were even timid like a rabbit. Some lived off of meat while others munched on grass, leaves, fruits and vegetables. But all in all, they lived peacefully.
One day a pride of lion intruded the forest.

The lions were strong, bold, proudy and they had great teamwork. They thought they could be the “Kings” of the jungle. The lions wreaked havoc on their peaceful lives. They drove the animals from their homes, stole their food and attacked them whenever they pleased.

Foxes, wild dogs, hyenas, jackals, leopards, cheetahs were left hungry as they could not find anything to eat. Even the Tigers, who were supposed to be on the top of the food chain were scared of the lions. Some cheetahs and leopards were captured by the lions who used them as slaves. They were forced to go and hunt for the lions but had nothing for themselves.

There were some animals who opposed and refused to work like that. They were taken cared of mercilessly. Witnessing the gruesome deaths of their brethren the remaining animals were utterly terrified. They decided not to disagree and agreed to regard the lions as their leaders.

The beautiful forest was utterly ruined. Every step was taken with caution. Their hearts were frozen in fear. When they couldn’t tolerate any further, the animals decided to conduct a secret meeting on the river bank.
In the meeting, they were discussing how to stop the torture by the lion pride. One lucky jackal that had escaped the lions’ clutches to tell the tales was also present in the meeting. But he was extremely scared to speak anything. Other animals looked at him with fear and compassion. The poor jackal’s condition gave them another reason to stop the lions. 

The largest animal present in the meeting, the elephant, lamented that lions had grown so fearless that even he and his friends were attacked by them.
All animals had their stories to tell. This needed to stop. However, no one was ready to risk their life, fearing the repercussions. An argument had started.

A sudden soft voice ceased the argument. Heads turned towards the ground to its source. It was an ant. The ant said that he and his friends would help to save the jungle from the evil lions. Everyone rolled with laughter.
The fox said his sly ideas weren’t enough, the elephant said his strength wasn’t enough, the cheetah said his speed wasn’t enough. How come a miniscule thing like an ant would be able to do that?

The ant asked how many members were in the pride of lions?
25, they answered. Smirking the ant said that they were 100 million in number. The elephant replied briskly that he could only see one ant and asked where the others were. The ant gave a low whistle and all the ants in the forest came out. The fox complained that they were too small to pose any danger to the pride.

Without wasting a second, the ants climbed onto one another and turned into a huge animal. Their size kept increasing as they collectively grew as tall as a tree. Everyone looked with awe. They were ready to teach the Lions a lesson. All the ants marched forward and gathered before the territory of the lions, heads held high, mind without fear. The lions sensing trouble started to fight. They tried to jump across the massive ant structure, chew them and roared to scatter them away. But the ants were relentless in their efforts. They stood their grounds and attacked the lions with all the strength. The lions were not ready to give up their territory.

Ants then used their secret technique. They started to stand upon each other. A huge tower of ants that took the shape of a dinosaur. The lions stood dumbstruck and horrified. The towering figure chased the lions and captured the leader biting him and injecting him with their venom.

Watching their mighty leader severely injured, the Lions picked him up and ran for their lives with an oath to never set foot there again.
Witnessing the strength of the ants, all the animals bowed down before the ants and declared them as the “King” of the jungle.

Moral: Unity conquers everything.

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