Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion

Two friends, Aadarsh and Nilesh lived in a small town.

One fine day a bank representative visited their small town. He came to their locality to teach people the importance of saving money, how to save it and how to make the right investments to grow it for further usage.

The bank representative entered Aadarsh’s household and repeatedly told him about the importance and benefits of long term investments. Aadarsh listened attentively and started to invest a certain portion of his salary in different mutual funds.

His friend Nilesh, on the other hand, did nothing. He did not invest anything. He used every single rupee of his salary in frivolous things. He did not think anything about his future.

Since the beginning, Aadarsh lived a very frugal life. He did not spend money on unnecessary things. He never bought expensive clothes, never went to dine in fancy diners, did not buy extravagant cars or toured in foreign locations just to show off.

Nilesh, on the other hand, believed in grandiose and grandeur. He lived in an exorbitant lifestyle. Wore expensive clothes, rode flashy cars. He wanted to be a millionaire. But he lived a life of a millionaire without being one.

After a year was over, Aadarsh wanted to check his assets and investments. He was vastly disappointed. He did not make a single penny and moreover, his investments were running on losses.

Heartbroken, he went to his financial advisor and asked for his opinion. The financial advisor told him that it was natural and mutual funds rise and fall as per the market. However, for a long term investment, they are very good. He advised Aadarsh to be patient and wait for at least 5years.

Taking the advice to his heart, Aadarsh kept investing a small portion of his salary in mutual funds. He controlled himself from looking at the profit and loss statements of his assets and waited patiently. Meanwhile, Nilesh continued with his flamboyant lifestyle.

5 years later Aadarsh’s financial advisor called him to his office. Finally, the time had come to know about his investments. Aadarsh was nervous to enter the room. What if his investments did not make any profit? The nagging feeling kept gnawing in his heart.

The financial adviser welcomed Aadarsh in his office and showed him the statements. Aadarsh looked on- speechless-in joy. His savings earned more than double his investments. He jumped out of his seat. Euphoria was coursing through his veins. He had earned it by himself. Aadarsh realized the power of investments and kept investing for the rest of his working years. After 20 years he had made enough money to live a contented life. He funded his children’s education, paid for a health checkup and everything.

Nilesh, however, felt the after effect of living an indulgent life. He had to suffer lots of financial constraints. He had to take a huge amount of loan for his children’s education.

Needless to say, Aadarsh spent his subsequent life cheerfully while Nilesh had to endure turbulent situations. His remaining life was wasted away paying for his debts.

Moral: Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion

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