If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it

Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Ganesh. He was born in a very poor family. His parents had to work hard to live from hand to mouth. They did not have enough money to spend for their son’s education.

Ganesh used to work from an early age. In the morning he used to work at the field and in the afternoon he picked up children from the school and dropped them to their homes.

While dropping the kids at their homes he would ask parents for some books.

Most of the parents provided with the books their children didn’t require anymore.

After reaching home everyday, Ganesh would devour those books. He would complete a book each day. Even though he never went to school the teachers of the village’s school liked him for his will to study. One teacher taught him how to read.

Ganesh studied by himself for the whole year. He read 365 books and was able to solve the various problems his village had. After studying in the same way for some years he was finally ready for his board exams. With the help of his teachers, he was admitted in open education schools and passed with flying colours.

A little later, Ganesh came to know about National level Aptitude tests that provided scholarships to meritorious students. He decided to take the exam.

He worked fulltime by the day and studied for his scholarship at night.

After preparing diligently for a long time, he sat for the exam. His hard work brought him success. He was awarded the scholarship.

Ganesh got an opportunity to study at a foreign university of international repute. He completed his studies and returned to his country. A red carpet was laid out on the gateway of the airport to show respect. The President personally came to visit the blue-eyed boy of the country.

Ganesh walked on the red carpet and touched the President’s feet who in return blessed him. Ganesh was broadcasted on all national television channels and hailed by his countrymen.

Finally, he returned to his village. After some days he found out a huge commotion going on. The head of the village called for a meeting. Ganesh sat with his elders to follow the proceedings of the meeting. A woman who had recently lost her husband was crying relentlessly. The village leaders sat in high chairs, speaking loudly about the traditional customs of ‘Sati’ while the woman sat near their feet with a tear-stricken scared face.

Before the heinous practice could reach it’s dastardly conclusion, Ganesh stood up and halted it. He calmly described the malpractices and superstitions to the villagers.

People knew Ganesh since childhood. They were aware of his achievements and thus decided to hear what he had to say. After a thorough discussion, they decided to end the custom of Sati for good.

Messages spread like wildfire. The nearby villages sought Ganesh out for social judgments. He also told them about religious dogmas and superstitions. Most villagers were illiterate and prone to malpractices. Ganesh opened a school to provide them free education. After a year, he built a college and started teaching over there. As the number of students increased, he decided to hire more teachers. Surprisingly, those who had migrated to the cities in search for better jobs returned to their village when they heard about the noble cause. But lack of basic facilities made it next to impossible to teach so many students together.

Therefore, Ganesh personally visited the best teachers in the country, recorded their lectures and played those for his own students back in the village. Luckily, he also found a few volunteers due to whom he was able to arrange free lectures for his students. As a result, all his students got world-class education at their doorsteps.

Ganesh helped to build schools and colleges in nearby villages too. He diligently took up the weight to teach village kids and turn them into responsible citizens.

Once the village was hit by a massive drought. Village leaders approached Ganesh for the solution. He requested neighbouring villages to grant them water. They happily complied.

After the problem was solved, Ganesh told the villagers that they need to build a water storage tank for themselves. They hired skilful engineers to build groundwater pool and rainwater storages. Other villages started to follow the model to save themselves from scorching summer and droughts.

All of this happened because no matter how many challenges showed up, Ganesh never gave up and solved them one by one. To sum up, he refused to accept anything but the best.

Moral: If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.

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