Everything is unified. Everything is One. Separation is the true illusion.

In a village called Rampur, there lived two good friends Rohan and Nitin. Both were like brothers. In school they were inseparable. When it was time for college Rohan’s father decided to shift to the big city for his son’s better future. Rohan came from an affluent family. Nitin, on the other hand, had working-class parents who had to work hard to provide for their children.

After this painful parting of the two friends, they kept contact over the phone. At first, Nitin would receive every update of his best friend. In comparison to the colourful, attractive college life of Rohan, Nitin had little to talk about his old college with broken roof sheds, greased walls and timid classmates.

Years passed. Gradually the phone calls between the two friends were less and shorter. Nitin completed his education and joined as a school teacher in the village school. He was happy because now he could support his parents as well as his younger sister’s education. Rohan was doing higher studies. He was busy with new friends and was now distant from Nitin. More years passed and Rohan started working in an MNC with a lucrative salary. He owned a flat and two cars, his lavish life was completely opposite to the plain life that Nitin was living.

Nitin felt that Rohan would never return to the village. So he decided to go to the city to meet his childhood friend. It was Diwali time when Nitin left for the city. He took a small gift and a box of sweets for Rohan. It was eleven years now that the two friends would meet! When Rohan answered the door he was at first shocked and then he was very happy to see his old friend. The two friends embraced each other and chatted for hours. But Nitin noticed that Rohan was anxious about something. At first, he didn’t admit but on pressing him Rohan started to cry. He was in a financial crisis. His extravagant lifestyle had used up all his earnings. There were loans and debts that have to be repaid. His job was also in trouble. His father’s business was also in loss. Rohan admitted that he was suicidal. Nitin asked his friend what amount of money could save his situation. It was forty lakhs, replied Rohan in a sad tone. Nitin took out a cheque book and signed that amount and handed to his friend. Nitin had saved his earnings and had recently sold a small property so he could afford that amount. Rohan hesitated to take it but Nitin gave it to him and left.

After this incident, three more years had passed. Nitin was now having a high fever and was unable to go for work. The village doctor’s medicine could not cure him and he became weak, ill and couldn’t move from his bed.

Suddenly Rohan came to pay a visit to Nitin. He saw the miserable condition of his friend and shifted him to a city hospital. Nitin was cured in a couple of days. Rohan said that when no relative or friends came to help him, Nitin had saved him. Rohan had started a new business and is making profits because now he has a new approach towards life. He has also learned from Nitin to save money and not to waste it. He thanked Nitin for his new life and asked for forgiveness. He agreed that he had given importance to selfish friends rather than his true friend Nitin over the past few years. Nitin smiled and said that everything is connected! That’s why he suddenly visited the city and could help his friend! Similarly, Rohan unexpectedly came to Nitin and saved his life. We feel that time and place separate us but it doesn’t. We stay connected by heart. Separation can’t take place because, in reality, people remain connected all way along.

Moral: Everything is unified. Everything is One. Separation is the true illusion.

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