Winning and losing is a part of life but fighting till the end makes you a warrior.

Today’s story is about a girl named Priyanka. Her parents had high hopes for her. While in school she studied hard but could never manage to score good marks.

She studied all through the day but her result was always below average. In fact, when she failed in class nine, everyone including her family believed that she was stupid.

Teachers always taunted her, even her friends made fun of her. Everyone discussed that Priyanka was no good. Her father even said that his daughter had no intelligence because as much as she studied she couldn’t score in the exams.

After failing in class nine final examination, Priyanka was devastated. She realised that she was never going to succeed in life. She accepted her defeat and was depressed.

One day Priyanka’s uncle came to visit them. He lived in the USA and had come to stay in India for the winter holidays. When he chatted with his niece he realized that she was mentally disturbed.

He asked her why she was so depressed for an examination result! Priyanka discussed all her worst fears with her uncle. Her uncle smiled and said that he had failed twice while in school and even once in college! But now he was an Engineer working in the USA. Priyanka was startled at this news.

Her uncle said that exam results really does not define a person. Also, everyone does not have to be good in academics. He asked her what was her strength. Did she really love to study or was she passionate about something else? Priyanka thought for a while and said that she loved to dance. She was really a good dancer although she didn’t get the time to practice it because of her studies.

Priyanka’s uncle urged her to take her dance classes seriously. He said to her to do the school work but give more effort into dancing because that’s her strength! Till then she was studying all day to impress her parents and teachers but she actually didn’t like the school subjects. Dance was her forte.

From that day Priyanka was motivated. She started to do the dancing classes with dedication. She also studied her school subjects with a strong determination. Nobody noticed her change except her uncle. Her parents still complained that she was wasting her time in dance classes when she should be studying.

Priyanka understood in the tender age that one must not give up. She studied and practised her dance. Her hard work gave her success. Gradually she passed school and college with good results. And she became an excellent dancer.

Today Priyanka is an established dancer. She is performing all over the world. She is a famous artist. Her parents are immensely proud of her. Priyanka’s father even says to people that you are too brilliant to complete your college education along with the dance training!

The teachers and friends who teased Priyanka now fondly remember her as the girl with an iron willpower. From this story, we can see that life is not always smooth. Not always can you win, sometimes you would fail, but it’s not the ultimate thing in life.

Failure is not fatal, it’s just an aspect of life. But don’t ever consider to give up on life! Get up and try harder next time. Keep on trying. Life is not about how many times you can win. If you have a fighting spirit that makes you victorious, winning and losing are just part of the game.

Moral: Winning and losing is a part of life but fighting till the end makes you a warrior.

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