We don’t try to heal ourselves. We try to heal our mask.

Sameer was a manager in a top MNC in Mumbai. He was smart, energetic with a zeal to reach higher up the corporate ladder. His determination and hardworking ability had earned him the managerial position in a short period of time.

In his office, there were people who had the same qualification as that of him but they were still stuck to where they were a few years ago! Sameer’s success was obviously not been accepted wholeheartedly by everyone in the company. Many of his colleagues were jealous of his success.

But if you have known Sameer as a young boy you would be startled to see how an awfully shy boy could become a manager in such a top-notch company! His upbringing was in a village, he had a problem speaking in English and his introvert nature was an added problem. But when his father sent him to a college in Mumbai his life changed!

At first, he had to struggle to make friends and to adjust with the fast-paced city but gradually he adapted to the modern world. He took English classes and with some effort, he became fluent in the language. He also improved his body language and personality! He changed so much and so fast that it seemed like there was another Sameer and this is a completely new person!

Over the years Sameer had understood that to grow you have to change! He even improved from when he joined the company as a Junior Officer to the coming years as he moved to the chair of the Manager. He was excellent in improving himself. But there was the problem.

The old and the new Sameer were so different that he had forgotten his earlier self. He has detached from his old friends, even he maintained a distance from his family. He even never mentioned about his village to his new sophisticated friends. Sameer felt he was happy, rich and successful in life. But recently he started having a lot of personal problems. He was fatigued and stressed all the time, there was a headache and depressed feeling also which was not understandable.

Sameer couldn’t really see why he should be having such problems as he was now in the height of his career and should be enjoying it. Instead, the low feeling and continuous headaches was making him suffer so much. So he said this to his friend named Aditya who was a rich entrepreneur. Aditya remarked that all this is because Sameer was overworking and stressed out. He needed to relax. Aditya invited him to a party on the coming Saturday.

Sameer went to the party and this was new to him. He never went to parties as he felt it wasted time. But this was a start for him and gradually he became regular with parties. New friends, gambling and alcohol became a part of his life. But slowly he realized that his depression wasn’t really going away. In fact, he felt even worse nowadays. So he thought he should take some therapy.

Sameer’s therapist, Dr Raghav Saxena was an intelligent person. The doctor realised that the depression and anxiety that Sameer was facing was because he was not rooted to his true essence. He probed into his patient’s case history and suggested that Sameer should try to heal himself. Self-healing is a journey, the doctor said and Sameer must be willing to give his time and effort to start this journey. The doctor suggested him to stay in touch with his true self, to reach out to his family and childhood friends. This would obviously help Sameer to heal.

Sameer discussed all of what the doctor had advised with Aditya. The news that Sameer had gone to a therapist surprised his friend. Aditya laughed and said that therapy sessions cannot help someone. This is a real-world, remarked Aditya. Here stress is a part he insisted and stress-free life could only be enjoyed if you are sitting at home doing nothing! Aditya argued that counselling and therapy never helps people because you can’t really live without stress.

Aditya suggested that Sameer should take a break and go to a trip somewhere. Sameer felt that Aditya was a successful person and his well-wisher, so he accepted this advice. Sameer took two weeks leave from office and went for a vacation. He enjoyed it all the way but as he returned to his office again the same kind of anxiety and depression attacked him! So he started hitting the clubs and parties on weekends to forget his worries but again when the weekdays came his depression returned.

Sameer visited Dr Saxena again. The doctor listened to all his worries and then suggested that Sameer was not dealing with the real problem. He said that instead of healing his true self, Sameer was attempting to heal superficially. In order to deal with the situation, he must dig deeper and do some introspection. The doctor warned Sameer that if he fails to work on his inner self, none of the outer attempts would work.

Parties just help you to forget the pain temporarily, vacations soothes your mind but it won’t be of help if you are unwilling to work on your self. True healing would take place when you are working on your own self and not on the mask you are wearing in front of others.

Moral: We don’t try to heal ourselves. We try to heal our mask.

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