If you can bring someone belonging, connection, peace of mind, or status, you’ve done something worthwhile.

Ramesh was an extraordinary boy with high aspirations. While boys and girls of his age dreamed to become a doctor, engineer or businessmen, Ramesh dreamed to change the society. He aspired to contribute to the people and reform the society. He was a good student and had immense thirst for knowledge.

To quench this thirst he started reading hundreds of self-development books. He knew he had to self educate himself before educating others! Ramesh learned about the power of mind. That anyone could become successful in life if they knew how to use their mind power! He attended seminars by eminent mentors. Ramesh planned to let the underprivileged children know about using specific strategies to become successful in life.

When he was still in high school, he started to educate local children from a slum. He taught them in his home and inspired them to do something big in life. When Ramesh was in college he continued to give free tuition to about 26 children. He didn’t only help them with their school subjects but taught them to fight for their own rights. In his class children learned that anyone can become successful in life if they have the determination and the ability to work hard.

In this class, children learned knowledge beyond the school syllabus. They were taught how to use their mind power to achieve anything they want! Ramesh taught them strategies such as goal setting, visualization and affirmations which he had learned from several books he had read and seminars he attended.

The classes became popular and more children came to enrol in Ramesh Sir’s tutorial. Even when Ramesh started to work as a school teacher he continued these free classes to the underprivileged children. More than 50 children learned from him about education, life and success strategies. Ramesh not only taught these kids privately, he also helped them to take admission in a Government school. He wasn’t just a teacher but he became a guardian, a motivator, and a friend for these children.

These children who were growing up in darkness devoid of any education and hope, were now illuminated by the light of knowledge. They started to believe that they can achieve bigger things in life. These children developed confidence and self belief. Ramesh Sir loved them as his own children. His students became his strength and pride. His love and motivation helped these poor children to feel connected with the society. They didn’t feel lost or isolated anymore, they realised that they were an integral part of society.

Most importantly, Ramesh helped these children to cope with the harshness of their environment. The environment in which these children were born and brought up was bad. Most of their fathers were alcoholics, gamblers and even drug addicts. Growing up in such a bitter environment without feeling loved and wanted, beaten up every day, many of these children had psychological problems. Ramesh had taken a course in Psychology to understand and counsel his poor students.

Also several of these children worked as labours or had to do all the household chores. These children were in pain. They had so much to deal with in such a young age! Ramesh was empathetic and caring towards these children. As a result, these children developed a soft corner for their teacher. They loved and respected him immensely. These children felt that Ramesh Sir’s home was a welcoming and comfortable place for them.

Many of these children grew up to become doctors, engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs and others. But mainly they became honest citizens of the country. They also started to help other poor children to have a good life of their own.

Moral: If you can bring someone belonging, connection, peace of mind, or status, you’ve done something worthwhile.

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